London is a fun city to come to as a group, a couple, or even solo. There is a lot to do in London and visiting solo is a great idea when you are looking to enjoy the city and not worry about what anyone else wants to do or has a craving for. Traveling solo to London is safe and it’s something that everyone should do at least once in their life. Solo in London means that you can spend as much or as little time as you want the British Museum, you can wake up late and go to the pub for brunch, you can even just go for a “Me Date” somewhere fancy without having to think of the extra expense of a second person. There is plenty to do alone in London.

London is a city that is a ton of fun by yourself and a place where you can really discover a part of the world, its history, and even yourself. Being alone in London is something many travelers adore doing and they will happily tell anyone in their circles and beyond about how great London is. It’s really easy to book a nice hotel room that may be a bit on the small side due to being in an old building, but when you’re alone, you don’t need that much room anyways. It’s also really simple to book show tickets for just yourself, even at the very last minute. You may even get a nice discount if there is that single ticket at a play or a musical between two large groups that the theater will be glad to let go for a low price. There is so much you can do on your own and save money doing it. Of course, a travel partner can really help pay for things like hotels and cabs, but they also hinder some activities while in the city such as getting a great massage with a pretty lady. If the model escort reviews for London massages are to be believed, the city is a great place to book a pretty lady and spend some quality time with her. This is not something you’ll want to book with a friend sharing your hotel room, this is a solo activity for sure, unless you count the lady giving the massage of course. 

If you’re feeling more artsy, you can check out galleries, go to a literary nightclub, take a class, or even just go bookstore hoping. There are so many unexpected solo adventures in London. There is a lot of art in London, it’s a city filled with museums, theaters, movie theaters, small music bars, etc. Check out the antique bookstores or the National Library. The latter has exhibits on literary genres and artists, on history, and on other art forms almost at all times. The price of admission is low (even lower with a student ID) and the exhibits there are more than worth the detour to King’s Cross. 

Speaking of the famous train station, you can easily go on day trips outside the city from there. There’s also a good selection from St. Pancras and from Paddington. There are so many places you can day trip to from London including Stonehenge, Paris, the British coast, small charming towns and large bustling cities. London is great for many reasons, but you should also consider going out of town if you can. There is a ton to do and it should not be avoided just because you have to take a train to get to it.

You could even get yourself in the city without any plan whatsoever and make the most out of suggestions of strangers met at pubs, on the tube, or at museums. There are a lot of people in London, not all of them locals, and they all have a favourite spot to see or go to and a few top activities they will gladly tell you about. Listen to them, have a real human conversation, and discover what you can do in this oldest of cities. Take tips from waitstaff wherever you eat, ask at your hotel, ask everyone you have a conversation with so that you can get the most information you can. Have a chatty seatmate on the way there? Ask about their love of London and what they have seen there, what they love there, what they think should be seen. You’d be surprised how many people will happily talk and talk about what they love. People love to be listened to and this is the kind of listening that helps you too.

What’s important here is that you can be in London, or nearby, on your own and be safe. You can enjoy a pint at the pub and meet new people. You can go to a museum and get lost in its collections for hours upon hours. You can book a night at the theater or even just show up if you’re open minded about which show you want to see. You can even book time for a great massage that you’ll want to write home about. London is a city of endless possibilities and going solo is something that must be experienced at least once as it will open different doors than going with a group or as a couple. There are also a lot of discounted activities in the city for solo travelers, so look those up online and once you arrive so that you can catch that last seat on a tour bus or that last spot in a walking guided tour. Check foodie groups as some will be looking for one more participant to get their group the number they need for supper clubs to host private events. Check the internet and social media at large to see what else may be available to you as a solo traveler. And one last advantage, you get that whole giant, fluffy bed at the hotel to yourself with no one to tell you that you can’t watch cartoons at midnight in bed with ice cream if that is what your heart desires.