Looking to discover some new hobbies in London? As you might have read in our latest Editor’s Letter, we’re all about the life retox, not detox, this 2017 – putting more into your life, not taking things out. Whether it’s flower arranging, hula hooping or life drawing, we’ve handpicked ten of the best hobbies to take up in the capital this new year. Grab your pals, it’s time to get life retoxing:

Hobbies in London: Fitness

1. For a Fun Fitness Activity: Hoop Tone

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What: Get ready for 2017 to be the year of Hoop Tone with the world-record holding hula hooper, Marawa The Amazing (make that 8 x Guinness World Records). Get out of that gym rut and start an exercise routine that is fun, rewarding and makes you feel amazing – because let’s face it, anyone that has honed the skill of hula hooping always looks cool. Lycra not compulsory.

Why: The Hoop Tone classes take place in various locations across London. The energy and inspiration that Marawa and the Hoop Tone teachers display in the hour long class make you feel the benefits of hooping straight away. Spin into shape with an adult size hula hoop and tone your core and build your balance. This is the best possible exercise for your midsection. Get ready to sweat!

When: See the class timetable here

Where: Shoreditch, London

2. For a New Fitness: Muay Thai Singdayt

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What: Fitness doesn’t always mean hitting up the treadmill or running around your local park. Muay Thai Singdayt in West London helps guide students to achieve great fitness levels and Muay Thai skills. If you’re not familiar with Muay Thai, here’s what you need to know: Muay Thai combines fighting and fitness, through a variety of moves including punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.

The Class: If you’re a complete newbie to Muay Thai, opt for the fundamental class. During the 1h 30 minute session, you’ll learn the basics such as guard and positioning, footwork and balance, attack and defence techniques, and correct and safe pad holding skills. Grab a mate, and take the plunge.

When: See the timetable here.

Where: 58 Bulwer St, White City, London W12

Hobbies in London: Classes and Courses

3. For a Pottery Course: City Lit 

hobbies in London

What: Gone are the days of making wonky vases and uneven plates in art lessons at school. If you’ve got a burning desire to take the stool behind the potter’s wheel once more, then City Lit 6 evening ceramic course is just the ticket. The classes will turn the most novice pottery makers into certified ceramic constructors in no time. Bring on the clay.

The Class: The ceramics course introduces the basic hand-building techniques of working with clay, and in its final week gives opportunity to try your hand at throwing pots on the potter’s wheel, and learning how to centre clay on the wheel. And it’s not just limited to eggs cups and plates, as you’ll build an understanding of the unending possibilities that clay offers as a material, and the process required to achieved finished work.

When: 8th May – 19th June. Book here.

Where: 1-10 Keeley Street, London

4. For Learning a New Language: City of London University

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What: Ever thought you’d like to brush up on useful Secondary School French phrases such as ‘I go to the swimming pool with my brother on a Tuesday’ and ‘I enjoy the disco with my friends’; well now is your chance. City of London University operate evening courses at a range of different levels. No need to start miming when asking for the bill in a Parisian restaurant anymore.

The Class: The French Level 1 course is designed to develop the skills you need to speak and understand simple French in everyday contexts. Think, ordering food in a restaurant, talking about family and friends, and other useful phrases and sentences. The class explores life in French-speaking countries and communities, introducing you to a wide range of practical situations such as travelling, shopping, working and eating out.

When: 26th April – 12th July. Book here.

Where: Guildhall, Basinghall Street, London, EC2V 7HH

5. For Life Drawing: London Drawing 

hobbies in London

What: Like us, you may only be able to cobble together a stick man – but if you want to hone your drawing skills, give life drawing a whirl. The drop-in sessions by Life Drawing are suited for everyone; from the budding Picassos to the absolute newcomer. No need to book – just arrive, pay £10 and draw.

The Class: As with all their drop in classes, expect professional tutors and models in an inspiring and unique space. With poses from 30 seconds to one hour – there is something for everyone. This is a general life drawing class with tuition for beginners and advice for those who are more experienced, all designed to encourage you to develop your own style and approach.

When: See the timetable here.

Where: Locations in Waterloo and Liverpool Street

6. For Arranging the Perfect Bouquet: Judith Blacklock Flower School

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What: If  flowers make your soul sing, take the tube (or uber) to Judith Blacklock Flower School. If you fancy getting all green fingered, and want to show off a handmade table decoration at next your soiree, enrol in the  beginners floristry course.

The Class: You will start the day at New Covent Garden Flower Market, and the team will then introduce you to stunning blooms, teach you how to choose the freshest and loveliest specimens – and how to care for them so that they last to their full potential. Following this immersion into the world of flowers, taxis will take you to Kinnerton Street for a much deserved breakfast of croissants and coffee close to the flower school in Knightsbridge where we will continue with all the tips you could need, plus the chance to make one stunning design to take home.

When: See the timetable here.

Where: 4-5 Kinnerton Place South, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 8EH

7. For Taking Classy Photos: London School of Photography

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What: Want to take cool images that would make Instagram weep with joy? Course you do. The London School of Photography offers a level 1 beginners course which introduces you to the digital camera, picture styles, depth of field and manual exposure.

The Class: This workshop is your first and most important step into the magic world of photography.The main focus is ‘The Camera’, you will learn all its most important functions and how to use it in Fully Advanced Exposure Mode, (F/Stops, Shutter/Speeds, ISO). With hands-on experience (70% practice/30% theory) and projects throughout the 2 days or 4 evenings, you will feel in control of your camera and gain a thorough understanding of ‘The Triangle of Exposure.’

When: See the timetable here.

Where: London School of Photography, HEADSPACE, 19-21 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8BA

Hobbies in London: Cookery

8. For Budding Chefs: Cooking School at Little Portland Street

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What: A jar of Patak’s curry sauce and a microwaveable pouch of Uncle Ben’s rice just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want to knock up a roast to make your mum proud, whip up soups for the winter months, and bake bread that would get two thumbs up from Paul Hollywood – the Cookery School at Little Portland Street is your new kitchen saviour.

The Class: Over the eight sessions of this course, the chefs will teach you how to cook a wide variety of different styles of food, and gives you a great repertoire of recipes and techniques to use every day. At the end of each class you will sit down and try everything you have made as well as recap the recipes with the chefs.

When: Weekly from 7th March. Single sessions also available. See the timetable here.

Where: 15b Little Portland Street, London W1W 8BW

Hobbies in London: Something Different

9. For Scaling New Heights: Mile End Climbing Wall

What: Relive those glorious PGL days (abseiling was always our favourite), with a trip to Mile End Climbing Wall. Scale the dizzy heights of the bouldering wall, or try your hand on the climbing wall. Get fit, climb some walls, and have a natter with the gals.

The Class: The beginners course  offers new climbers the perfect introduction to indoor climbing. During this 6 hour course (two x 3 hour classes) you will learn about: the basics of movement: footwork, balance, body position and efficiency, rope handling and essential knots, harnesses and how to fit them, how to set up a belay system and ground anchor, and the lowdown on basic climbing equipment. As well as equipping you with fundamental skills, the course is designed to build confidence and give you the opportunity to draw on the extensive knowledge of one of our experienced instructors.

When: On selected evenings and weekends. See the timetable here.

Where: Haverfield Road, Mile End, London E3 5BE

10. For a Lesson in Boxing: Rooney’s Gym 

What: Maybe we’ve been watching too much Rocky. Maybe we see ourselves as a young Sylvester Stallone – whatever it is – if you’ve caught the boxing bug like us, or fancy throwing around a few punches in the ring, then Rooney’s Gym is the place to make your boxing dreams come true.

The Class: Rooney’s Gym aims to bring the beauty of boxing and boxing fitness training and coaching to the masses. Their fitness classes are for everyone; beginner, intermediate or advanced, the classes we will challenge you. And if you’ve never put on a pair of boxing gloves, they’ve also introduced a complete beginners class for anyone new that wants to learn the basics.

When: See the timetable here.

Where: 42 Newington Causeway, London SE1 6DR