*Warning: this post may contain traces of nuts*

If you’ve got a nut allergy, then look away now. Because this week on About Time, we’re going nut crazy. We’ve always been a bit nuts about nuts, so we thought why not take a whole week dedicated to the nutty goodness?

In association with our friends over at Meridian Foods, who make the best damn nut butter in town, we’re delving into the best nutty treats in London during #MeridianNutWeek. What can you find during the week? Well, all the nuts. Basically.

This week, you can expect guides to London’s best nutty breakfasts, incredible homemade nut milks, best peanut butter breakfasts, London’s best nutty desserts (make mine a walnut tart), as well as a special competition to win your own hamper of Meridian goodies.

Meridian Nut Week, Meridian foods, Meridian nut butter

And, what’s more, we’ll be meeting London Health Nuts in a series of special interviews with movers and shakers in the health industry, from healthy app creators to fitness gurus in the capital. And, if you want to get stuck into your own nutty creations, we’ll have a whole host of fantastic Meridian nut recipes for you to create at home.

Meridian Nut Week, Meridian foods, Meridian nut butter

What’s your favourite nut? For me, it’s the pecan every time. Such a naughty nut. To take part in Nut Week, make sure to follow Meridian Foods on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here. Now let’s get cracking, shall we?