As part of BeLOVeD Date Week, we’re going behind-the-scenes with the movers and shakers in London’s food scene. Every day this week, we’ll be having a date with a different influential food lover, from breakfast to cocktails. Today we meet the boys behind Scotchtails, Oliver Hiam and Dominic Hamdy, whose artisan Scotch eggs have shaken up London, and are now stocked in Selfridges and Wholefoods. What began life as a market stall has taken the city by storm – here we find about their success:

Talk to us about Scotch eggs. What made you choose to create Scotch eggs over other British snacks?


Oli: The Scotch egg is a British icon and cult classic. Everyone either loves a Scotch egg or has a mother, father, brother, sister or best friend who does.

Dom: We used to eat the cheap ones from Sainsbury’s all the time, and then decided to have a go at making them ourselves – they went down so well with our friends that we thought we’d give it a go! We couldn’t believe no other street food stalls were doing it at the time.

We love eggs too. What’s your favourite egg dish?


Dom: Turkish eggs are a classic – Kopapa do an amazing one with chilli butter and yoghurt.

Oli: I have eggs every day for breakfast so scrambled or poached on sourdough toast with some fresh smoked salmon – simple, but amazing.

People have really warmed to Scotchtails – why do you think that is?

Eggs and box


Dom: I think it’s because the idea is so simple. There are lots of big scotch egg fans out there, and not so many places where great Scotch eggs are readily available – that’s what we’ve tried to do.

Oli: We also placed a real emphasis on building good relationships with our customers and suppliers, which makes a huge difference.

You’ve recently opened your new cafe Lundenwic  – what made you break away from Scotch eggs?

150520 Lundenwic3850

Oli: Whilst growing Scotchtails as a brand, we also developed a big interest in coffee shop and cafe culture and were inspired to create our own. However, I wouldn’t call it a breakaway, Lundenwic will be run very much in conjunction with Scotchtails and we will even be selling our eggs at the shop!

Dom: Lundenwic has provided us with the opportunity to showcase other products that we are interested in, all rooted in quality and seasonality.

What’s your favourite drink on the Lundenwic menu?

Barista in action

Dom: Stan, our Head Barista, makes a mean mocha using Workshop espresso and dark chocolate, and it tastes incredible!

Oli: Depends on the time of day, a Workshop espresso in the morning, and one of our Mae + Harvey cold-pressed juices in the afternoon, at the moment I‘m obsessed with Watermelon, cucumber, lime and basil.

What makes Lundenwic different to other cafes in London?

150520 Lundenwic3830

Dom: Our food offering is just as good as the coffee! At other speciality coffee shops the food almost seems like an after-thought.

Oli: We took great care in choosing our coffee, and went with Workshop, the Cult of Done blend is in residence, and this will be joined by changing guest single origin guest espressos.

Who created the different recipes for each drink?

Dom: The lovely Natasha Mae of Mae and Harvey who creates each recipe using great produce from Harvey’s of Wanstead. You’ll see them changing with the seasons – expect some lovely festive ones around Christmas time!

Apart from Scotchtails, what are your favourite street food stalls in London?


Oli: That’s a tough one! Oli BaBa is a current favourite, they sell fantastic meat-free, Levantine cuisine and are well worth checking out.

Dom: I would say Kappacasein at Borough Market, it is a simple offering but a good one – cheese toasties, and probably the best in London.

What are your favourite restaurants in London?


Dom: 10 Greek St is my favourite at the moment – although I had a really great meal at Barnyard just last week.

Oli: I have been really impressed by Lyle’s and Dabbous.

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