You can find just about any type of channel on YouTube now. Whether you’re looking for cooking inspiration, style, laughter, fitness, and more, you’ve got it there! Maybe you’re thinking about starting a fitness YouTube channel of your own.

Before you do, take a look at some of these tips and some of the top platforms out there for some inspiration that might help you along the way.

Simply Get Started

If you just want to get started and perhaps even share your own journey to fitness, try inspiration like Love Sweat Fitness. She began her own fitness channel on YouTube as her motivation to simply get started with her own weight loss and fitness goals.

Every popular channel out there has to start somewhere. Whether you choose to start here with your own story and efforts or you have another mission. The key is to just get out there. If you find yourself struggling to get going, you can consider using a site to buy 100 YouTube subscribers, as it can help boost your channel with active and real followers.

Even some of the highest channels out there have done this at some point in time to get their start on YT. Whether you choose to purchase or not, you still simply need to put yourself out there and make that START somewhere.

Consider Your Niche

As you’re looking to start a YouTube fitness channel, think about your niche. Will you be doing hardcore cardio like Joanna Soh Official does? She never uses the gym or weights. Instead, she uses cardio and goes for the burn. She also is known for her crazy workout challenges that other people can take part in if you’re up for the challenge.

What’s your style going to be here? It’s important to choose something that suits your capabilities and comfort level. Perhaps you prefer to focus on balance, stretching, and flexibility. That’s totally ok! You just need to have some idea of where you want to go.

You can even use a combination of techniques or share your favorite fitness tips and inspiration rather than just doing workouts. The beauty of this process is that you can make it your own in whatever way fits best.

Be Unique and Authentic

You can totally take inspiration to grow a fitness channel. It’s great to study others and see what is working for them along the way. However, you should be careful here. First, you never want to be accused of copying someone to find your success.

But, more than that, learning how to start a fitness channel really requires you to stand out against the crowd. There are hundreds of fitness people out there. Take the lead from The Fitness Marshall and find your own way to stand out. They make a point to something different than all the others out there, dancing out the cardio and keeping your workouts fun and entertaining.

You don’t have to dance. Take the style or niche that you thought about earlier and incorporate it into creating your own unique vibes. Stop for a moment and consider what you have to display. How can you draw people in and make this fun, engaging, and successful?

Maybe you’re a great comedian. Maybe you have some really cool workout outfits. There are so many different ways to be authentically you.

Prove Yourself

Let’s face it. If you want to create a fitness YouTube channel, you need to prove yourself. Visuals like MattDoesFitness are a great example of this. He proved his capability through his own success. His focus is on bodybuilding specifically, but he also shares general fitness tips and advice along the way.

However, if you’re looking for a channel, you’re going to see before and after results that show he knows how to be successful. We get it. You’re simply getting started but do you have anything to prove you deserve to be here?

What proves your expertise on the subject? Do you have clients or people or even yourself that you’ve helped? Maybe you want to work on things yourself, and that’s the basis of proving yourself. You simply create your own journey.

You don’t need tons of proof when you get started, but you need a little something that shows you’re capable and knowledgeable in this regard – or at least that you’re learning to be.
Appeal to an Audience
While you’re thinking about how to become a fitness YouTuber, let’s consider your audience. Do you have a target audience group? Maybe you’re a mom just looking for other moms. Maybe you’re a personal trainer seeking clients. Perhaps you’re an athletic trainer.

We all have our different strengths, right? We already told you to choose your niche. Once you choose your niche, you then need to strategize how to actually make an audience drawn to you. This might take some time because you have to build up those fans.

However, you also should consider the kind of audience you want. If you have an audience, figure out what they want. Molly Bailey is one of the tops out there in this series. The thing is, she keeps it real. She does share workouts and her own journey.

But she goes above and beyond that to share real life with her audience. She shares things like how her morning routines work or how she purchases healthy groceries even on a budget. She is appealing to her audience by finding interesting ways to connect with them. Not every connection has to be a workout. It just has to be in the realm of fitness, and it needs to be real.

Think Quality and Consistency

Whatever you determine to do for your fitness channel on YouTube, just be sure to be consistent and make quality a priority. You may have to invest in some quality filming equipment for your setup.

If you’re doing workouts and your audience can’t see or hear you, this is a problem. When you watch channels like The Body Coach TV, NateBowerFitness, or Pamela Reif, you see videos that are well-made, and you see them posted regularly.

You want quality. Don’t just make a fitness channel or video and then be bland and boring. You want the video, the sound, and the concepts to be high-quality. This is very important for your overall success.

We mentioned Pamel Reif up there for quality and consistency. She always has quality with content and design. She also provides consistency by putting out new content regularly. Another quality factor might even be her structure. You get more action and work from less time with the way she does things. It’s pretty cool.

Study Analytics

Finally, make sure you study your analytical tools as you grow a fitness YouTube channel. This will give you an opportunity to make sure you’re doing things right and tweak things that aren’t working well.

You can see:
• who your audience is
• where your audience is located
• what is your viewers’ age and gender
• the times that your audience is most active or engaged
Take the time to review these things in YouTube analytics. It’s the best possible way for you to know if you’re doing anything well. These are free and incredibly helpful for understanding your own channel as well.

Anyone can start a workout YouTube channel. But you don’t want to be just anyone. You want to catch the eye of people out there and present yourself to be unique and desirable. It’s up to you to find the best way to accomplish this. Just know that there are many who have gone before you and studying what they are doing that works quite well.

Don’t forget to make this channel your own and just be yourself. That authenticity is often the biggest driving factor to success.