10 years ago, controlling your home’s lights, thermostat, and security systems remotely using your smartphone was unheard of. Lots of modern technologies we see in sci-fi movies are so amazing that we couldn’t imagine that they would exist someday. With the advancement of technology, so many things that seemed impossible are now possible. Here’s how the latest technology is upgrading the concept of future homes.

Automated Robots

Although we are still a long way from a full-featured humanoid robot, automated robots are already there and are being used in several homes today. They design devices such as Neato and IRobot in a way that they can move around your home while cleaning the floors. A prototype robot recently unveiled by German scientists can do quite more than just clean the floors. The three-fingered one armed device can tidy up, pick up things, operate different machines, and even serve drinks to guests. They can also control it through an embedded touchscreen and even respond to pre-programmed gestures.

If you ever thought to have one for your home, then you can try having a robotic pool cleaner, which you can program to clean your pool when the need arises. They optimized different robot pool cleaners for certain types of cleaning environments.

Lighting controls

We can now consider turning on the ceiling, light or lamp old-fashioned. As long as you have the right set up in your home, you can now control lights via mobile devices, automated systems or touchscreen panels. A smart thermostat called NEST can even be programmed to cool the temperature in your home and cool the air inside as soon as you come back from vacation. While advanced lighting controls are becoming more common, many still hope that the technology will soon be a standard feature in all new homes.

Smart toilets

Although it might seem silly, taking a pot that you do your business in and making it smarter is already happening. There are toilets in Japan that can perform a urinalysis and tell you if you have diabetes. One of the main uses of smart toilets, ensuring that we remain healthy. Sooner it’s believed that toilets will be able to tell women if they are pregnant just by analyzing their urine. there are other smart features such as using systems, automated deodorizers, and heated seats.

Centralized streaming and entertainment devices

Cable TV is not only outdated but overpriced as well. Buggy, sluggish set-top boxes are only part of the problem. It’s, therefore, no surprise that there is a streaming revolution. The future of entertainment lies in a centralized system that provides homeowners with instant access to their digital entertainment. For internet-based subscription services such as Hulu, Netflix, and even YouTube, homeowners can now stream their content live into their TVs. Provided you have a stable internet connection, this is quite possible.

Power tracking tech

If your car can tell you when you need to change the oil, what prevents your home from telling you information like that? Have you ever thought of an energy system that can tell you when you are going beyond your power budget or an air conditioning system that can send you information when you need to change the filters? A Maine based company has now unveiled its total energy management program which is programmed to do this exactly. Apart from tracking your home’s energy consumption, it also analyzes appliances and equipment being used and tells you when you need to upgrade to more efficient ones.

Smart appliances

As our devices such as watches, phones, and even jewelry become smarter, we will all notice the advantages of owning smart devices. Imagine ordering electricity directly from your phone or having a refrigerator that can have a glass of water ready for you when you get into the kitchen. You can even buy refrigerators, dryers, washers, and other devices that are equipped with touchscreen displays and several sensors. What’s exciting about this is that these appliances will become more convenient and make your life easier.

Apart from the above, there are still several other ways in which the latest technology is upgrading the concept of future homes. For technological improvement, the sky is the limit.