The world of health and fitness has swept the country over the last few years, with the number of people signing up to the gym every January soaring. But, gym memberships aren’t the only thing that’s risen in the last few years.

No, we’ve also seen a number of different sporting activities such as Tough Mudder and the British E-Cycling Championships spring up, amongst a whole host of other sporting endeavours. These help to add a somewhat layer of fun to sporting activities, but if you’ve been looking for a fun race but you don’t have an e bike or want to crawl through the mud, then keep reading, as you could find the perfect fun race for you, below.

Run or Dye

Don’t let the title put you off, you won’t be required to die on this. No, this race refers to the fun colourful dye that you’ll be covered with at every kilometre on this 5k race. Originally an American franchise, it’s been gaining popularity in the UK over the last few years and now takes place in various cities throughout the year, including Cardiff, Manchester, Dublin, Leeds, London, Glasgow, and Birmingham to name a few. So, if you want to look like a work of art as you run, this is the race for you.

Electric Race

Taking place across the nation in countries such as Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Southampton and Glasgow, this is a race that takes place at night across a 5K trail. Guiding you through a variety of different ‘lands’, you won’t need your earphones here. Why, you ask? Well, this race features music pumping out throughout the entire race, and also sports glowing patterns projected on walls for a fun, unique race experience.

Spooky Sprint

Looking for something fun to do in November? Then here’s something that combines the fun time spirit and fancy dress of Halloween, with exercise and the chance to raise a little cash for charity. Taking place over both 5k and 10k events, this helps to raise money for those living with Parkinson’s disease. The key selling point of this run? It takes place at night, which means you’ll be given a head torch to ensure you can see. Kid-friendly too, costumes are mandatory and sweets are always welcome.

The Sumo Run

Taking place in Battersea Park in London during July, this a super fun summer run that’ll see you darting around during the summer months in a sumo suit. A great way to have fun, get fit and raise some money for charity, this is a 5k race designed to raise money for education in sub-Saharan Africa.

Gorilla Run

Sumo suits not your thing? Then how about a gorilla suit? Raising funds for the Gorilla Organisation, which raises funds for the gorilla conservation in Central Africa. This takes place in London and will see you run 8k while dresses as a gorilla, which is included in the free sign-up.