Finding budget-friendly food in London may seem like an impossible task, but when you look in the right place, you can find food that is affordable for you and whoever you are travelling with, regardless of whether you are looking for a light lunch or a large dinner. Though a trip to London can be expensive, it is important to not resort to alternative finance such as payday loans as these are for emergencies only. If you are faced with a financial emergency before your trip, you can get help today with payday loans or you could postpone the trip until you have the disposable income available. However, if you are able to solve your financial emergency and still have the funds for a cheap day out in London, finding cheap food may be easier than you think. In this article, we are going to be giving you advice on some budget-friendly food options wherever you are in this beautiful capital city.

Street Food

One of the best ways to buy budget-friendly food when you’re in London is by opting for street food, whether this is roasted chestnuts or a meal at a popular street vendor such as BBQ Dreamz and Burger Boy. This is great you can get some of the best food that London has to offer at an extremely affordable price! This will allow you and the family to eat for under £30 which is significantly cheaper than a number of 5-star restaurants you will find littered around London.

China Town

Another popular location for many when looking for cheap food in London is China Town. With a number of amazing restaurants selling a variety of different foods at affordable prices, you can have a choice of restaurants such as Baozilnn as well as Canton and Four seasons that all sell some of the very best of authentic Chinese food. Whether you are venturing here on your own or you are looking to take family and friends on a night out in China Town, you can find food that is sure to tickle your taste buds, regardless of the mood you are in.

Wetherspoons, Any Location

A popular favourite for many for high- quality food that is highly affordable is Wetherspoons. This pub-like establishment is the perfect place for family-friendly dining with amazing food and a friendly atmosphere. With over 20 separate establishments in London, you can use the easily downloaded app to find the nearest pub to you. This is also the perfect way to start a night out in London as pre-drinks are very affordable. In addition to this, there are a number of pubs located near popular locations such as Bakers Street and London Bridge, making this an easily accessible place to enjoy amazing food.

Wagamama, Multiple locations

Wagamama is yet another food chain that gives you the very best of Asian cuisine with a substantial menu. Whether you are a fan of rice dishes or a plate of noodles, you can enjoy high-quality food at an affordable price. Much like Wetherspoons, you also have the option to choose from over 20 different locations around London, making this the perfect pitstop during a long day of sightseeing. This food chain also presents you with an inviting atmosphere for both adults and children, allowing you to fully enjoy your meal and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the capital city.

Whether you are sopping of at a food chain such as Wagamama or Wetherspoons, or you opt to eat at some of the best restaurants in China Town, you can find the perfect meal for you and the family without spending too much money. Where will you be eating the next time your in London?