The sizzling Hot Sauce Society Festival is back, promising to set taste buds ablaze! This year, the festival becomes even more irresistible, slashing the entry fee to a mere £2, making it an all-inclusive extravaganza.

Hot Sauce Society Festival: The Lowdown

With 30-40 fiery hot sauce traders lined up, you’re guaranteed a scorching array of hot sauces to sample and take home. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; live music from Red Rooster Festival and DJs will keep the energy pumping all day long.

Hot sauce enthusiasts, prepare to be spoiled for choice. Out of the 40 hot sauces available Five brands to look out for include – Pat and Pinky’s, Hop Burns and Black, Lazy Scientist, Chilli Maven, and Condimaniac – are set to deliver their distinctive flair. From Pat and Pinky’s smoky essence to Chilli Maven’s sweet heat, Hop Burns and Black’s spectrum of spice, Lazy Scientist’s surprising flavour medleys, and Condimaniac’s audacious ghost pepper and scorpion pepper concoctions, there’s a sauce to entice every palate.

Hot Sauce Society Festival: Eat and Drink

To soothe the fiery tongue, Kingfisher beer and Horse With No Name chilli-infused bourbon have teamed up with the festival to serve frosty brews that perfectly complement the spice. For those craving something different, there will be a wide array of cocktails to choose from to keep attendees refreshed throughout the day. In addition to the hot sauces,  enjoy delicious Jerk Chicken from Dookies Grill, which is known for its mouth-watering Caribbean-style cuisine.

Don’t miss out on the UK’s one and only hot sauce festival, happening Saturday, May 20th, from 11am-7pm at Unit 8, Copeland Park Estate in Peckham. More information here.