Bingo was the game once synonymous with quiet community halls and the faint rustle of paper cards. But if you think that’s all there is to bingo in London, think again! The city’s bingo scene has undergone a fabulous transformation, turning the humble game into a kaleidoscope of entertainment that’s as diverse as the city itself. So, let’s dive into the whirlwind world of bingo parties in London and discover how they’re putting a modern twist on this classic game.

Bingo’s Bold Makeover

Gone are the days when bingo was reserved for grandmas in retirement homes. And in spite of the fact that you can find some of the best bingo games online, actual bingo parties are surprisingly successful for a number of reasons.

Bingo Halls VS Bingo Parties

You’re probably more acquainted with bingo halls than with bingo parties, but there’s quite a difference even though bingo is a centrepiece for both. Bingo parties are more informal and social, and they’re often themed and include other activities like dancing! On the other hand, bingo halls offer a variety of bingo games and host many bingo-related events. There, you may also find slot games and electronic roulette tables.

In London, bingo has been reborn into something hip, vibrant, and fun. These days, you can find bingo nights, which include dancing, singing, and simply contagious energy​​. To add to the excitement, many people also host private bingo parties in their own homes, or they rent a venue just for this occasion.

The Most Popular Bingo Party Places in London

If you find yourself in London this weekend, and you want to spend a fun night with friends, you should check out the places below. They have proven to be the most visited spots for bingo party lovers.

Dabbers Social Bingo

One of the pioneers of bingo parties is Dabbers Social Bingo. Their party nights aren’t only focused on bingo, they also include some of the funniest comedians and performers who host the event, and they offer delicious dining to complete the night. If you want to have a laugh, check them out!

Hijingo Bingo

What separates Hijingo Bingo from other bingo party spots, is that they don’t host their events during the night – here you can expect to have a bingo-themed brunch! Every Saturday, you can expect delectable meals, and an exciting bingo event right in the heart of London.

RnB Bingo

For those who like to combine their affection for bingo with their love of RnB music, they will be thrilled to know that there are many RnB-themed bingo parties in London. This is a monthly event at The Joiner on Worship, and it includes live entertainment, and even vegan meal options!


Bingo has had a complete makeover in London, where a young crowd has started to love the sound of the bingo balls flickering around and the excitement of screaming “Bingo!” from the top of your lungs.

This trend was born in our capital, and similar events are starting to appear all over the country. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years, the entire world will be enthralled with one of the UK’s favourite pastimes and host similar events of their own!