There’s something truly extraordinary about small gig venues. They so easily possess a certain charm and allure, difficult of many stadiums, that creates an all-around great and intimate vibe for all involved. Whether it’s down to the atmosphere, getting so close up and personal to the stage and crowd, or simply not having to pay more than thirty quid to enter. A small music venue just really is it.

What’s more, many of today’s best bands were first discovered in at least one of these little abodes of London. Are you a new band looking for the best small gig venues to get your sound heard in London? Read on.

Our Top Picks

Of course, the choice of venues for an intimate gig in the capital are plenty. However, we feel the below three have such a palpable and infectious energy that rifles that of any other. Take a look for yourself:

The Old Blue Last:

Situated in Shoreditch, The Old Blue Last is undeniably one of the greatest small gig venues there is in the big smoke, and its reputation is well-deserved. It has a history of hosting gigs for up-and-coming indie and alternative acts in particular, making it a popular spot for music discovery of bands from this genre. Some notable artists who have performed at The Old Blue Last include Arctic Monkeys, Florence + The Machine, The Vaccines, and Foals. This impressive lineage solidifies the venue’s reputation as a launchpad for future stars. If you’re still trying to get your band’s sound heard, definitely give this place a call.

Road Trip Bar:

Next on our list is Road Trip Bar. The quirky little rock ‘n’ roll bar of Shoreditch is known for its welcoming and supportive environment, making it an excellent space for new bands who are still trying to find themselves and gain the confidence they need to thrive in front of a live audience. As well as regular live music nights, Road Trip Bar hosts open mic and jam sessions, making it the perfect place for up-and-coming musicians to test out their new material and connect with other like-minded artists in a supportive yet whimsical little Route 66-esque place.

The Finsbury:

Moving onto the small but mighty Finsbury. This hidden gem has been making waves in the London music scene and creating the perfect haven for new bands trying to make their mark.

It’s simply got it all. There’s an electric energy that embraces and welcomes you with open arms as soon as you walk into this humble little spot, which is even more pronounced once the lights go down and the act for the evening is in full swing. The venue’s focus has always been on nurturing and promoting up-and-coming acts, allowing them to grow and gain exposure. Once you’ve got a slot at the Finsbury, you’ll be flying.

Catapult Your Band To New Heights

So there you have it. The Finsbury, Road Trip Bar and The Old Blue Last are three of the top small gig venues in London to get your sound noticed (in our opinion, anyway). These venues offer you a stage to be heard, connect with other like-minded artists, and make your band’s mark in the crazy competitive music scene of London.