Living in London today is more expensive than it’s been in years, with everything from housing and transportation to groceries and utilities going up in price. As the heat of inflation is felt around the city, the purchasing power of the Pound sterling has taken a hit. London is among the top five most expensive cities to reside in right now.

Flourishing in a tumultuous financial period, looking more into your finances is the best move. Being financially aware can be a task, requiring you to observe and scrutinise the most minor details of your financial patterns. It is, however, perhaps the most important thing you can do to be financially stable. Here’s how to achieve that.

Diversify Your Income

With the evident increase in the cost of living, an extra income source would go a long way. If you have spare time in the week after working your current job, and the rules do not prohibit it, consider taking a side job to earn more. With the rise of remote work and freelancing, such jobs are becoming more available and easier to find. And with the right skills, you could earn extra hundreds of pounds in a weekend.

Give Your Financial Literacy a Boost

It’s also important to note that learning how money works and mastering financial terms may be useful in many career areas. With the best trading platforms in the UK, you can do this and more. Some of these platforms have demo accounts through which you can interact with financial markets without locking in any of your money — giving you all the upside to being more financially secure.

Track Your Expenses

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If you have not looked at your expenses in detail, you might be shocked that you’re spending more than necessary. The costs in this category are seldom high, but they can be significant when aggregated for an entire month. To boost your financial stability, examining every expense you’re about to make a good idea.

On the one hand, consider whether you should purchase that luxury item you don’t need. Conversely, ensure you’re not splurging on more food and drinks than you can consume. Keep tracking this expense; you’ll be surprised by how much you can do without spending in a year.

Pay Attention to Your Savings

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Saving on cost, just like many other resources, is not a new strategy for people in London or elsewhere. There’s a lot more to savings than keeping a portion of your income. How and where you save can insulate your assets from risks, make you some more money, and even help you build better saving habits.

If you’re saving for a future project – say, owning a home – or for the long term, consider leaving your money in an establishment that can generate interest. No matter how little, the returns on your savings would contribute to your financial security, get you to your goals sooner, and incentivize you to save more. If you save for the short term or just a rainy day, ensure your money is kept with as little risk as possible. Living in London will be more practical with these tips, giving you the security to thrive.