KEVINNNN! This December, add a dose of nostalgia to your festive celebrations and join Kevin McCallister in suburban Chicago with an exclusive Home Alone ‘eat what you see’ immersive experience.

Running on select Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays in December at The Refinery City Point by Drake & Morgan  (Moorgate), and created in collaboration with immersive dining experts Taste Film, get ready for lots of laughs and plenty of hijinks, alongside a spectacular selection of food and drink to match the iconic movie moments.

Settle in and get cosy as Kevin’s antics unfold with a ‘Crying Over Split Milk’ cocktail – a twist on a White Russian with festive nutmeg and cinnamon. In honour of Kevin’s hours spent eating junk food and watching ‘rubbish’ movies when his family accidentally leave him home alone, feast on the ‘Junk To The World’ with indulgent wild mushroom arancini with truffle aioli.

We’ll give you to the count of ten to prepare for the next course -‘Filthy Animals’ – a toasted taleggio flatbread topped with a hearty duck confit, before washing it down with a sweet ‘Thirsty For More’ cocktail accompanied by a DIY gingerbread Christmas tree to spread yuletide joy. Leave room for dessert with ‘A Merry Little Christmas’, an innovative spin on one of Kevin’s favourite treats – milk and cookies – with panna cotta, warm chocolate pudding, vanilla ice cream and dehydrated cookie meringue.

Whether you’re a fan of Kevin’s inventive traps or the trials and tribulations of the Wet Bandits, eat what you see and make December one to remember.

Tickets are priced at £80pp. Purchase here