There’s pop-ups and then there’s One Star House Party’s take on a pop-up. Their restaurant is unlike any other, mainly because it’s travelling all over the world. The restaurant is travelling to 20 different countries, in 20 months to build 20 very different restaurants out of what they discover along the way.

The team comprises predominantly of chefs trained in some of the world’s best restaurants, including Denmark’s NOMA, London’s The Ledbury and Tom Aikens. In each country they create a new menu inspired by the ingredients that they find, and the experiences that find them.

So far their restaurants have taken them to 8 very different places including the Base camp of Mount Everest, night trains through Vietnam, the streets of Mumbai and Bangkok.

This October the team are bringing their restaurant to London for 4 weeks only, serving an eight course tasting menu, made up of their favourite dish from each of the countries they have built a restaurant in. The pop-up started in China and has visited Vietnam, Thailand, Everest Base Camp, India, Oman, Kenya and  South Africa.

Stacie McCormick, Founder of Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop is delighted to host the London One Star House Party as part of her October Exhibition alongside featuring artist, Hermione Allsopp. Stacie has long held the belief that ‘the chef’ is the most unseen artist and this exhibition will allow the team to showcase their research and travels to the public.

Their restaurant will open from the 5th October until the 3rd of November in Notting Hill. Tickets are sure to sell out fast. Grab yours here.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, 1 Bard Road, London, W10 6TP