Calling all tea lovers! We’ve got some big news for you; we’re so excited to be working with teapigs this week on their brand new Feel Good range. Stay tuned for lots of lovely tea features, feel good ideas in the capital and a very special competition giveaway for one lucky reader – you can get involved by following them on Twitter here, Facebook here and Instagram here. If you’re in need of a boost, we say it’s about time you discovered the brand new Feel Good range:

teapigs Feel Good Range: The Lowdown

Luxury tea brand teapigs have been making quality whole leaf teas for the last 10 years – and they’ve become one of the nation’s favourites, for good reason. With everything from Jelly and Ice Cream tea to Rhubarb Ginger tea, their flavours are always creative, fun and totally delicious. Always one to push boundaries, teapigs have just launched a brand new range of teas that make you feel great – and taste dreamy too. The new Feel Good teas are about giving you an extra boost, helping to make everyday brilliant, from morning to night.

teapigs Feel Good Range: The Idea

The Feel Good teas are inspired by mood-boosting ingredients, which are designed to add a little something to your daily routine. Louise, teapigs tea taster said: “All our teas are healthy but we’ve put together this special range of Feel Good tea with ingredients that will give consumers specific benefits. And we’ve made sure they taste amazing too. These are not ‘healthy teas’ that are consumed whilst holding your nose; because we use real, whole, top quality ingredients, these teas both taste and do good.”

teapigs Feel Good Range: The Teas

There’s 3 teas in the new range, which each have their own health benefits, designed to boost your day. The teas are: clean ‘n green (detox tea), snooze (sleepy tea) and up beet (energy tea). Helping you to get the most out of every day, the teas are designed to be a key part of a routine that makes waking up, working out and winding down as effortless as putting the kettle on. We love them, for taste and how they make us feel.

The Clean ‘N Green is the ultimate detox tea – designed as an uplifting, revitalising brew to kick start your day. Clean ‘N Green sets you up perfectly, with its super combination of green tea, lemongrass, ginger, coconut and cleansing dandelion leaves packed full of antioxidants. Refreshing and slightly sweet tasting, this cuppa is delicious hot or iced and will turn you into a morning person in no time.

The Up Beet is their energy tea, which is the tea to enjoy when the afternoon slump hits. Up Beet is a blend specifically created to give you a much needed afternoon boost, with a punchy combination of hibiscus, ginger, green tea and beetroot. This tea will have you bouncing your way to 5pm without needing a quick, sugary boost. Glorious.

Finally, Snooze is their sleepy tea. You’re definitely a teapig if the thought of a cosy night in complete with a blanket and hot cuppa screams perfect Saturday night in. But why not enjoy this wonderful luxury every night of the week? With the help of Snooze – a soothing, delightful mix of chamomile, apple and lavender – you’ll be whisked off to the land of nod quicker than your head can hit the pillow.

teapigs Feel Good Range: The Brand 

Wanna know more? Well, teapigs was set up in 2006 by Nick and Louise, self-professed tea nuts on a mission to get the nation drinking real tea. Louise has been a professional tea taster for over 10 years, and has travelled the world sourcing all sorts of teas. The result is a range of the very best quality teas you’ll find. teapigs only use whole leaf teas; whole berries; and whole herbs and flowers –  not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular tea bags! Their teas come in biodegradable tea “temples” –  roomy mesh bags that gives the leaves lots of room to infuse. Yes, please.

Sponsored post in assocation with teapigs – follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These teas will be available to buy from 20th February at at an RRP of £3.99 per pack.