Vaping isn’t all about replacing smoking with something less damaging to your health and wellbeing. In fact, the vaping hobby is more about having a bit of fun, making friends and of course more than a little showing off.

But while it can be expensive to impress people with your custom built, dual coil, monster of a box mod, there’s a cheaper way to raise a smile and grab attention. And while it does require a little bit of up-front investment, the main thing you’ll need to achieve this is some persistence.

It’s time to talk vaping tricks.

What You’ll Need 

Let’s get one thing straight. You can’t pull off any vaping tricks with a cheap over-the-counter cigalike. Something with an LED bulb in the end is more likely to draw laughter than applause, so you’ll need some kit. Fortunately, there are great, affordable box mods on the market.

So put the following items on your shopping list:

An affordable box mod. You’ll need something with a large capacity tank, a sub ohm coil and some power behind it. These sub-ohm vape mods are a great place to start.

Nicotine-free eliquid. The last thing you need while you’re practicing is that famed nicotine “head rush.” Instead, a thick high VG nicotine free vape juice  (in a flavour you can vape all day) is perfect for practicing.

Patience and persistence. OK, you can’t buy this, but you still need it.

Basic Tricks and Building Blocks


Let’s start simple with two tricks. One’s a simple starter, and one’s the building block for some more impressive tricks further down the road. Don’t worry if you can’t get it from the written instructions – we’ve given you ideas of what to search for on YouTube for video guides.

The Reverse Waterfall

As seen in hip hop videos, the reverse waterfall is simple and impressive. A cascade of vapour from your mouth to your nostrils.

Take a drag of vapour and don’t inhale it. Instead, let it settle in your mouth. After a second or two, open your mouth to let the vapour flow out, and breathe in steadily through your nostrils to start the waterfall running.

Search YouTube for: Reverse waterfall, Irish waterfall, French inhale.

The Ring

Here’s the basic building block of many tricks. If you get this right, you can move on to many other tricks.

Take another drag, this time into your throat. Now as you keep your tongue pushed low in your mouth, form your lips into an ‘O’ and start pushing vapour like you’re doing your best goldfish impression. The bigger the ‘O’ your lips make, the bigger and looser the ring!

Search YouTube for: Smoke rings, vape rings.

More Impressive Tricks 

Once you’ve got the ring down, here are two tricks you can move on to doing. Again, you may want to hit YouTube for video walkthroughs.

The Triangle

Rings are boring, aren’t they? It’s time to get geometrical.

Blow a thick vape ring, as we’ve discussed above. Then, as it hangs there move your hands in a triangle motion from just above the ring to just below it. The air flow should help form the boring round ring into an exciting triangle shape.

Timing is of the essence here!

Search YouTube for: Vape triangles

The Jellyfish

This is the classic vape trick, and one that’s beloved of hobbyists. But be warned, it can be difficult to pull off!

Start with that large ring, then put your hand up behind it and push gently. This stops the ring dead by changing the air flow. Then, before it dissipates, blow a smaller ring straight through the middle. The air currents pull the vapour from the larger ring, creating something that looks like a jellyfish – hence the name!

Search YouTube for: Vape jellyfish, vape forcefield, vape mushroom cloud 

There are dozens of vape tricks to impress your friends, but these will help you get started. What’s your favourite trick? Make sure you tell us!