SHRINES are a North London four-piece who create poignant, lyric-driven synth music. 3 members of SHRINES represent half of This is Laura, a now disbanded gypsy-jazz folk outfit that could have easily accompanied the likes of Beirut on tour as a perfect warm-up act.


At the core of This is Laura was a directness and emotional call to arms, which in part was activated by Kitty Dalton’s delivery style, who shared vocals with Artist, Sarah Gavin. The same style can be found with her lead vocals in Shrines, however whereas once a cello, trumpet and violin drove the instrumentation, now a bass, guitar, keys and electronic drums propel the new, refined sound into a different ether which takes a different route to reach a similarly powerful destination.


On drums is Danny Lewis who with Dalton & Gavin founded “This is Laura” and in both acts created space by his impeccable timekeeping and rhythm which no doubt originates from having an excellent record collection.


This saturday sees the launch of their debut single at London’s revered Black Heart – tickets can be found here. Once Shrines commit their initial rostra of material to record, it won’t be long until they are creeping out of the airwaves infected our subconscious and informing our musical sensibilities