Weddings are notoriously difficult to plan. Whether it’s choosing between handcrafted engagement rings or ordering a cake filling both of you can agree on, you’ll soon find that the whole process becomes a little bit overwhelming – and then there’s the wedding stationery to consider. Turns out, there’s a whole range of things you’ll need to pop into an envelope from save the date cards to the actual invites, so here’s some useful information and advice to help you out.

Paper invites are a must

With so much to do in the lead up to your wedding, you might be tempted to just contact all your guests by Facebook or email and ask them to rock up on a certain date, but this is a big no-no. Your closest friends and relatives will undoubtedly expect proper paper invitations that they can admire for a few seconds before shoving in a draw and pulling out a few days before the event to see exactly how far they have to drive – so don’t cut corners. Going down the e-route will only get tongues wagging for all the wrong reasons, so sit down and write a list of everything you must send including (at the very minimum) a save the date card, a wedding invitation and a thank you note.

Save the date


While save the date cards aren’t absolutely, 100 per cent necessary they’re recommended for a number of reasons. Firstly, they’ll get everyone excited about your big day, which is always important as you want your guests to look forward to your special moment. Secondly, save the date cards will give you nearest and dearest a heads up, preventing them from saying yes to another wedding on the same day or booking their annual holiday the week you want to tie the knot. People plan family activities and getaways months if not years in advance these days due to financial or work commitment, so it’s a good idea to send your cards at least six months to a year before your wedding to be one step ahead of the game.

When it comes to making or ordering your save the date cards, don’t forget to choose a good quality paper. Ensure the writing is easily eligible (e.g. don’t put yellow text on a white background as this is hard to read) and double check all information before you have them printed. What’s more, remember that you must send an invitation to whoever receives a save the date card, so make sure you’re happy with your guest list before you head for the post box. Moreover, don’t be afraid to make your save the date cards interesting. The quirkier the better, so check out these unique ideas and be inspired.

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are perhaps the most important piece of wedding stationary you will send and should include key details like time, date, ceremony location and/or reception location, RSVP information and dress code as well as information that indicates the formality and nature of the event. If you are hosting a reception before 1pm, you should write breakfast reception on your invite, but anything after 1pm is just considered a reception. If you are having a sit-down meal, be sure to make this clear by including dinner reception on your invite so that people know exactly what to expect.

What’s more, don’t forget that a wedding invitation is the perfect way to introduce your wedding theme. If you’re having a princess themed day, for instance, an invite on sparkly paper with a horse and carriage on the top might be appropriate, or if you are getting married on a boat you might want to incorporate nautical colours such as red, blue and white into your wedding stationery or include a nautical symbol. Before you get carried away with the presentation, however, remember that you should also include clear directions and a map if necessary as well as a response card with a stamp if possible. Although you might not be responsible for where your guests stay, it’s also a good idea to provide them with details of accommodation nearby so they can make an informed decision.

Again, be sure to edit your invitations thoroughly to avoid mistakes and have them printed on the best quality paper you can afford. It’s also nice to seal the envelopes in a unique way so perhaps think about using stickers or learn how to make your own DIY wax seal.

Thank you card


When the party’s over and you’re now husband and wife, don’t forget to thank your guests for coming. Many will have travelled a long way to see you and some will have bought you expensive gifts to help give you the best start in married life. Whatever you do, try not to take people’s attendance for granted as a kind word can go a long way. Of course, guests won’t expect you to be writing thank you notes while you’re on honeymoon but leave it too long when you return and they might consider you a little rude.

When writing your cards, try to make them as personal as possible by thanking each guest for their individual gifts or by showing your appreciation for the role they played on your big day as this is more touching than a generic card.

While some people will love creating and sending wedding stationary, others will find the process a chore. So, whether you enjoy doing this sort of thing or not, the above tips are there to help you out.