The offer of betting opportunities on various websites is enormous. And so you will find the right betting program for every sports enthusiast. Especially beginners will be surprised in which areas you can bet everything. And so many ask themselves the question with which of the many sports you can earn the most money. This question is not easy to answer, because betting enthusiasts never bet on the same event again and again, and especially the preferences are as different as the offer itself. But no matter which sport you choose. In the field of sports betting, all sports have one thing in common. One should have dealt sufficiently with the chosen sport and in particular also with the betting provider and be well versed in the field. Because only in this way is it possible to achieve lasting and successful profits. In the following article some of the most popular sports are introduced to simplify the entry into the betting scene a little.


Football has become one of the most popular team sports in the world. Even in North America and Asia, the popularity of the sport is steadily increasing, with the biggest of these sports coming primarily from Europe and therefore gaining more and more popularity. Especially the national teams of the different European countries enjoy great success and high professionalism.

And because football is so popular all over the world, the sports betting market offers an enormous number of betting options. This is why this team sport is ranked first among the most extensive sports betting offers and therefore the possibility of winning something is correspondingly high. Here are some of the most common betting options in football:

The Tendency Bet

This bet is probably the most classic in football. It bets either on the victory of a particular team, the loss of a particular team or a draw.

The Over-Under Bet

This betting option is especially popular with the younger participants. The only bet here is whether a certain event occurs more often or less often. A popular example of this is how many goals will be scored in a game.

An Exact Result

Probably the most popular betting option is the one where you bet on the exact outcome of a game. And this betting option is so popular because it attracts with attractive odds, which are of course high due to the difficulty. However, it is important not to be tempted too much and to always bet wisely.

2nd American Football

As the name suggests, American football comes from America. From the USA, to be exact. American football is originally derived from rugby, but its popularity has made it a sport in its own right. In football, there are about 700 different ways of applying the rules. Therefore, the sport is often called “grass chess”. And exactly for this reason this sport is also so popular with sports betting fans. Below are some of the most common betting options in American football:

To the winner

That bet doesn’t seem to require much explanation. As the name suggests, you simply bet on the winner of the game. Usually this betting option is a 2-way bet, so it doesn’t matter if there is extra time or not.

The over-under bet

This bet offers several possibilities. On the one hand you can bet on the total number of points of a game, i.e. also on the number of points per quarter or half of a game as well as on the number of points of the respective teams. This type of bet is offered by almost every betting provider.

Who gets a certain number of points first?

If you have made sufficient enquiries and have good information about the respective teams, you can place your bet on one team scoring a certain number of points at a certain point in time, before the other team. The odds on these types of bets are very good and therefore very popular.


Basketball is one of the most popular US sports and is becoming more and more popular in this country. Even in China or the Philippines, basketball has become one of the most popular sports. Especially on schoolyards or leisure fields you will find more and more basketball baskets, which children as well as adults can use to balance themselves. But this sport does not only offer a lot of fun as an active leisure time balance. Basketball has also established itself well in the field of sports betting and offers a lot of betting options for those who prefer to watch the sport rather than participate themselves. Below are the most common betting options in basketball:

To the winner

Here, too, there is of course the classic bet on the winner of a game. As a rule, however, most betting providers only offer 2-way bets here, as there is actually no draw in basketball. With a few individual providers, however, you can also bet on a draw with a 3-way bet. In this case, the score is simply evaluated, which is displayed without extension at the end of a game. No matter what happens in extra time.

On a double result

This bet should not be confused with the double chance bet option. This is because it’s about betting on how the result will be after the second quarter (half time) and how it will be at the end of the game. The bet is therefore very popular because there are often very good odds with relatively low risk.

Odd, even total score

The bet is very simple. You simply bet on whether the total score will be even or odd at the end. But even if this betting option is very popular, it has to be said that only luck plays a role here. You should therefore be careful not to bet this type of bet too often, but rather consider it a fun bet.


Even though boxing is one of the most popular sports, the spirits are even more divided here than in other sports. Some follow almost every fight and others simply can’t understand why it counts as a sport to beat each other to the point of unconsciousness. But it’s not quite like that. Because even if you get the impression that it’s all about beating the other knockout, you have to mention that this sport, just like everyone else, is governed by strict rules. And in the field of sports betting, boxing is now also at the top of the list. Because the exciting fights offer a lot of food for betting enthusiasts and therefore have a great opportunity for appealing prizes. Here are the most common betting options in boxing:

To the winner

Betting on the winner is particularly popular in boxing, as there is a 50/50 chance and the risk of losing is limited. And even if a draw is possible in boxing, this is usually not offered in betting. In the event of a draw, the money bet will therefore be refunded.

On the outcome of the match

In addition to betting on victory, you can also bet on the outcome of the match in boxing. This means that you bet on whether a fight ends on points, for example, or whether a knockout is the reason for the end of a fight. Furthermore, you can bet on who wins the fight and how.

Round bet

This bet is a bet on the round in which a certain event occurs.

These were some of the most popular betting sports and the following link provides helpful information on one of the most popular sports betting providers.