Here at About Time, we like nothing more than a good get together. Sure, writing articles about burgers, chocolate cocktails and avocado on toast is great, but who wants to be a keyboard warrior? Not us. We love nothing more than meeting our readers and getting to know all you lovely lot who read the website (thanks, by the way) so we’re *super* excited to announce our October events. This October, our events all have an educational element, because what’s better than empowering young men and women in London with new skills, contacts and vision. There’s only 30 tickets for each event, so grab yours while you can! Here’s what in store for October from the About Time team, including information about the events, price and how to book:

How to Start Your Own Blog + Brunch – 8th October at 100 Wardour Street



What: A masterclass on starting your own amazing blog, covering content, strategy, design, social media and lots more. Designed for sassy young Londoners who want to make their stamp on the internet, we’ll be hearing from some of the UK’s leading bloggers on how to create engaging content, grow social media following and turn a blog into a business.

You will learn:

– How to start your own blog

– How to write great shareable content

– How to grow your audience

– How to target the right readers

– How best to use social media to promote your blog

– How to stand out in a saturated market

The Food: 


When: Saturday 8th October 2016

Where: 100 Wardour St, Soho, London W1F 0TN

Price: £25

Book here

How to Do Your Own PR – 19th October at Work. Life London Fields


What: Here at About Time, we receive hundreds of emails every day with new business ideas, introductions and feature ideas, and we’ve learnt a thing or two over the years on what does and doesn’t work when trying to get press for your company or, indeed, yourself. This talk will be a whirlwind tour on how to court, seduce and pitch to a journalist successfully, with tips and tricks for what we do and don’t like, what works and doesn’t, and how to get a great, long-term relationship going with a journalist.

You will learn:

– How to do your own PR

– How to write a great press release

– Do and don’t for approaching journalists

– How to get your ideas into print

– How to send great introductory emails to journalists

– How to structure a pitch

– How to find the ‘why’ of your brand

– How to approach news rooms

– How to build rapport and relationships

– How to handle negative press + experiences

– How to get your own ideas into print

– How to use social media with digital journalists

When: 19th October 2016 – 6.30-8pm

Where: Work.Life London Fields, 1G Mentmore Terrace, London

Price: £20

Book here

How to Break into Journalism – 16th October



What: About Time Magazine regularly hosts #SETSessions – a chance for aspiring journalists to gain one day work experience in a real magazine environment. We don’t believe journalism should only be open for established journalists – and we think you should be able to try out different career paths before settling. Lifestyle journalism can feel like a closed club, the table of the cool girls at lunch you’re not invited to join, and we say it’s about time that changed. Join us for a special masterclass and brunch on the 16th October!

You will learn:

– How to think creatively around editorial themes

– How to pitch publications and editors

– How to use social media effectively to boost your content

– How to make your blog shine

– How to decide on your content structure

– How to build a personal brand

– How to grow your followers on Twitter

– How to write copy quickly and effectively

The Food: 


When: Sunday 16th October 2016 – 10am-12.30pm

Where: King’s Blvd, London N1C 4BU

Price: £25

Book here