We’re going to be honest, live music is stressful nowadays. We’re not talking about the gigs, but the whole process around it. For example, last week we tried to get tickets for Fred Again’s London shows and were immediately met with a message that we were number 38,000 in a queue for a 5,000 cap room (needless to say, we didn’t get a look in). Don’t even get us started on ‘surge pricing’ either, something that makes zero sense and just makes music fans even more out of pocket than ever before.

Of course, it’s easy to say things need to change but few companies are actually taking any action – until we were introduced to Mola Chill Club.

Hailed as the future of live music, Mola Chill Club is a new form of a music members club, putting the world’s biggest artists in intimate rooms and creating immersive experiences. In the last year, they’ve put on the likes of Slowthai, Central Cee, Rex Orange County, Anne Marie, Weezer and more in tiny exclusive spaces, and once we saw that lineup we knew we had to get involved. What makes Mola Chill Club unique though is the ‘Genesis Pass’, which is your lifetime ticket that makes you a member of the club for…well, life!

Currently priced at £200, the passes are limited to just 500 people and enable you to get into any Mola Chill Club show for free in the future. We were slightly curious about the cost at first, but then we found out that next year alone there will be 10-12 Mola Chill Club shows, meaning you definitely get your money’s worth over a lifetime.

More honesty from us, we don’t know much about NFT’s other than that they’re the future of…pretty much everything, and it turns out Mola is changing the game by having the Genesis Passes as bonafide NFTs. This means that once they sell out they can go up in value over time, as well as providing additional benefits rather than just access to the shows (I think we might be crypto wizards now?).

Looking ahead, now we have our genesis passes we’re hyped for the next Mola Chill Club show this Thursday, which will feature Mr Demon Time himself Mura Masa playing at Amazing Grace in London Bridge, while Honey Dijon looks set to bring the vibes next month to a yet to be announced location.

If Mola Chill Club is the future of music, we’re here for it (even if we don’t quite understand NFT’s just yet).

For further information, see there Mola Chill Club website here

Iona Goulder

Iona is Culture Editor at About Time.