Anyone who enjoys playing games on their PC, console or mobile will know that there is a whole plethora of exciting experiences out there to enjoy.

However, while new titles might be emerging all of the time, it is interesting to note how some classic pastimes are continuing to prove popular in the 21st century. Board games and playing cards continue to have plenty of fans, while bingo is in pretty rude health, too.

Back in the spotlight

The latter might seem surprising to some. After all, they may associate the classic game of matching random to the digits on a card with older generations. However, the game has taken a step back into the spotlight in recent years, with online forms of it really taking off.

Bingo is absolutely thriving in the digital age as specialised sites like Betfair, for example, are offering players wide variations of the classic game. Betfair’s variations feature bingo games developed around specific themes. You can visit website sections to see versions inspired by the TV gameshow classic Deal or No Deal, while Age of the Gods bingo is based on Greek mythology. The creative themes these sites are offering have allowed bingo to reach new audiences. The more themes there are; the wider the appeal.

However, while online bingo has proven to be successful, it has still not totally replaced the traditional offline experience. For example, many locations in London now offer the game, with some venues providing a particularly modern style of play.

A new experience

In recent years, there has been much talk about the bingo rave scene that has been spreading across the country. Organisers such as Bongo’s Bingo have arranged events in the capital in the past, with some of them being held at the Grand Theatre in Clapham.

Dedicated contemporary venues for the game have also popped up in the city, with Dabbers being a prime example. The modern site in East London offers bingo shows with food and drink options, as well as providing virtual events to cater for larger parties.

The trend does not look like it is going to stop there, as a venue called Hijingo is also on the way. The Evening Standard reported on the Shoreditch venue earlier this year and outlined how it has been created with the input of Beyonce collaborator The Experience Machine. The official site states that the venue’s opening date is to be announced, but its state-of-the-art lighting and video set-up are sure to be highly anticipated.

An exciting reinvention

Bingo might be regarded as a classic game, but it seems to have found a way to keep reinventing itself and remain relevant.

Thanks to online bingo and a host of new takes on the offline game, it seems the future is looking very bright for the 490-year-old game. If you want to try something different in London, checking out one of the options mentioned above could be a great idea