As we kick start 2022 after yet another tumultuous year, one factor that is clear is that as a nation facing uncertain times: wine is always the perfect antidote. Whilst New Year Resolutions have a habit of being broken (and not forgetting everyone’s bragging about newly learned lockdown skills… Banana bread who?), Provisions Wine & Cheese offers a promise to teach you how to become an expert in the organic wine movement in just 6 weeks.

Provisions Wine School: The Lowdown

Whether dining out or entertaining at home, Provisions’ recently launched Wine School will educate participants in how to read a wine label, how to pair wine and food and how to master a restaurant’s wine list. Staying true to Provisions’ ethos of championing organic wine, the school offers the only course for anyone interested in the organic wine movement with lessons focusing on wine that reflects the unique terroir of the vineyard where the grapes were grown.

Provisions Wine School: What to Expect

Provisions have curated the perfect weekly programme to ensure that participants graduate as wine connoisseurs, easily implementing their newly gained expertise into daily life. Led by wine educator Sam Povey, the first week will take guests back to the basics and impart knowledge as to how to properly taste wine whilst demystifying the jargon used to describe a wine’s appearance, aroma and taste. Week 2 will see students taking a tour through the vineyards of the world, talking terroir and learning how climate influences how each bottle tastes and weeks 3, 4 and 5 then shift to focus on white wine, red and rosé, and sparkling and sweet wines. Before guests qualify as a leading oenophile, the final week will revisit the history of wine production and explain where the money from each purchase is distributed.

The six-week course caters for 12 students and is held at several locations in central London, costing £295 per person.

Details on the next 2 available courses are below:

January 30th – March 6th | Sunday evenings 6pm-8.30pm | The White Horse, Mayfair

March 7th – April 11th | Monday evenings 7pm-9.30pm | Antidote Wine Bar, Soho

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