The arrival of computer-based information technologies, specifically devices has made a great impact on conducting businesses and international cooperation. The field of IT has grown enormously and changed the picture of the world. Business, private life, career, communication- everything involves the use of tech devices. They expand people’s business and make them more productive. Thus, a number of qualified professions are in demand in such spheres as networking, engineering, information security, web developing etc.

In order to stand out of the crowd and enjoy a number of benefits, one has to be certified. If you are one of such candidates, you’d like to know how to be efficiently prepared for the certification exam.  First of all, let’s find out what an IT certification is.

What is IT certification?

IT certification is a documentation that ensures a professional qualification of a person in a specific field of IT. One of their distinctive feature is that they can be vendor-specific or vendor-neutral. It depends on which technologies, products and platforms one is going to work. Vendor-neutral certifications allow candidates to implement best practices, concepts and solutions available. Among the most vendor-neutral certifications are CompTIA Security+, ISACA CISM, CompTIA Cloud+ etc.

Top IT certifications nowadays

Among the most popular IT certifications are:

1-Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)

CRISC certification enables IT specialists to improve their experience in risk management and control risk. It demonstrates their competencies in risk management, assessment, mitigation, response, tracking, and reporting. CRISC is provided by ISACA.

2-AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate by Amazon

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification is designed for those with a background on the AWS platform. It makes a specialty of designing and deploying scalable structures on AWS along with skills of how to hold development price powerful without sacrificing safety, reliability, and quality.

3-Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) by ISACA

This certification has been designed to demonstrate skill ability and effectiveness in constructing, designing and handling company security initiatives.

Among the other top IT certifications are PMI: PMP, Amazon: AWS Certified Developer – Associate, GAQM: Certified ScrumMaster, EC-Council: CEH, Six Sigma- Six Sigma Green Belt  and others.

Why it’s important to get IT certification?

As we all know, getting a certification in a certain area means that you are a responsible person with skills and experiences required to complete tasks successfully.

Having a certification in your pocket, makes your CV noticeable for employers in the crowd of the candidates for the same potion.

Certification from the top IT vendor, guarantees you career prospects. You become a real professional among your colleagues, moreover, you are a stimulus for them to upgrade their skills and get knowledge.

IT field is large, as it consists of many sectors, and is constantly changing, it provides you with a number of opportunities to choose a new career path without changing the field in a while.

In addition, being a certified individual, you will able to work in any country of the world, because you have the skills and experience required in this or that company.

So, the main reasons, why people become certified are the following:


IT certifications validate your skills, experience, and proficiency in IT. For example, as a Certified Information Systems Auditor, it proves to agencies and customers that you have the experience required to create and prepare the auditing program and auditing reports.

High Salary

IT is one of the spheres that offer candidates high-paying jobs. The difference in the salary of a certified professional in comparison to the uncertified one is sharp. 

Professional Improvement

Information Technology is a completely dynamic area where many new technologies are discovered daily. This fact deserves people grow and update their skills in order to keep pace with technology development.

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To sum up, in order to be a certified professional and enjoy the benefits, one needs to pass certification exams successfully. To reach this goal, use the best preparation materials available. Find the most reliable resources available in the internet and be on the top of your career in IT.