Almost every sports betting provider now attracts its customers with a bonus, which is credited as soon as the first deposit has been made. However, the bonus programs are controversial. Experts in particular are often not sure what to think of the offer. But the betting bonus itself is not a bad thing. Especially for beginners, it offers a great opportunity to familiarise yourself with the betting process without having to immediately tackle your own money. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when getting involved in such a bonus. Read more about this in the following article:

The new customer bonus

This type of betting bonus is granted by almost all betting providers and is credited to the new customer’s newly opened betting account after payment of the first sum. This payment could also be seen as a welcome gift. This makes it easier for the customer to start betting and, above all, makes it more appealing.

The deposit bonus

Basically, the deposit bonus does not work any differently than the new customer bonus. The customer makes a deposit and the provider credits the customer with a bonus amount of money. The only difference is that the deposit bonus applies to all customers and not only to those who have just opened a new account and want to bet for the first time with a provider. A deposit bonus usually serves as an advertising campaign for a bookie to encourage its own customers to bet or to win back those who have not been active for some time.

Additional betting credit

This bonus is usually granted in connection with a specific sporting event. These include, for example, a decision in the Champions League, the start in a new Bundesliga, the start in a football World Cup or other sporting highlights.

These are the usual conditions

If you want to take advantage of a betting bonus, you should make it clear from the start that no betting office simply gives money away. Therefore, it is important to read the sales conditions of the desired provider carefully and to pay attention to them. The specifications here are really different from provider to provider, as they can hardly be. However, most betting providers demand three times the turnover from their customers before they pay out a bonus. Others, not so serious providers even demand the twelvefold turnover before it goes to the payment of the bonus. The offerers give here only qualified minimum ratios and only Tipps, which fulfill this condition, are also included into the conversion computation. Therefore it is really very important to read the bonus conditions carefully in order not to experience an unpleasant surprise in the end when it comes to paying out the bonus.

You should pay attention to this

As with everything, it is important to find out enough. Knowledge is power and this is also true when it comes to betting bonuses. Because also for this one finds numerous empiric reports and reviews, which supply one details to certain offerers with their Bonis in the Internet. So also this side for example: With the offerer should be paid attention to the fact that it deals transparently with the topic and no secret from it makes, how and when it disburses it. In addition a view should be enough into the AGB. Above all the own money should not be blocked by the bonus.

In addition a good bet offerer pays attention to the fact that its customer can decide freely whether it wants to take a bonus up or not. To book up a bonus automatically, without asking the user for his opinion and thus possibly also to block his own money, one can by no means call it serious. Therefore experts advise against such offers, since these are not worthwhile themselves usually.

Beyond that also the time plays a crucial role. Because here it is to be considered that the turnover conditions must be fulfilled always within a certain period. If the user should not create that his bonuses and also the profits earned up to then lapse. In addition, the customer loses any bonus claim if he requests payment within the bonus period.

This is what a fair bonus offer looks like

Basically, one can say that a bonus condition with a qualified minimum quota of 2.00 can be described as fair if you can also place combination bets here at the same time. With a provider who advertises with higher odds, you can assume that he is not out for a fair game, but rather to play the money in his own pocket. You can also see this in the bets. Because if a provider demands five times the turnover at realistic odds, then that’s perfectly all right. However, if the betting provider directly demands ten times the turnover, it is not advisable to make a deposit. It is always important to consider one’s own wishes, needs and, above all, the means at one’s disposal and whether one can fulfil the conditions. Because it brings nothing to be lured by a mad bonus offer to take this up and afterwards everything to lose, because one cannot fulfill the conditions of the bet offerer or perhaps even does not know.