Even when you are not combining it with anything else, dissertation writing is already serious work. But life as a graduate student gets more challenging if you are trying to combine your studies with work and finding time for hobbies. Between an ever-tasking job that keeps you busy always, conducting research for your dissertation, meeting deadlines and actually writing, it is easy to get caught in the frenzy and get your schedule messed up.

You still have 24 hours in a day, and that is not going to change. Writing your dissertation and finishing on schedule is important, but so is everything else in your life. Juggling all your activities and keeping up with everything will only get trickier. With your time more condensed, you might find yourself missing deadlines at work, having trouble finding time to do your dissertation and mostly too tired and with little or no spare time for your nighttime hobbies. But how do you complete a comprehensive thesis, deliver satisfactorily at your job and still get some time to unwind with friends and family? Here are some tips that might help:

It’s all about planning: Now, this sounds a little bit cliché. That’s probably because it is. Planning Your schedule is a mantra you will hear several times as a student. But it is typically easier in theory than in practice. But if you want to get anywhere with your dissertation with a full time or part time job and get a little “me time” once in a while, then you really have to plan. Not everyone is a “to-do list person,” and this is understandable. Some of us have a hard time following routines. But those who do typically find out that it helps them get things done faster and more effectively.

Also, a schedule lets you compartmentalize your time and thoughts effectively. It means you will find it easier to concentrate on one activity fully while putting off others until it is time to do them. This way, you get to keep your sanity and avoid being a shambled mess because you are trying to juggle multiple activities.

Get help: everyone needs a little help once in a while. You do now, more than ever. You will be able to complete your dissertation research and writing a lot faster when you get online dissertation help. There are a lot of dissertation writing services online that you can employ to assist you with your work. They will take your dissertation order and help you with various aspects of it from initial research to putting the final write-up together. Of course, it will be wrong to pay someone to do your entire Dissertation for you entirely, but you can check online for someone to help you with some aspects of your dissertation writing UK. You will benefit from the additional help and get your work done faster.

Take breaks: Remember back in grade school when you would get time for recess? Perhaps its time to borrow a leaf from that and starts giving yourself occasional breaks as an adult. With so many things going on in your life, it might seem all that you have time for is work, work, and work. But you can schedule some parts of your day to simply relax and blow off some steam. It is very likely that this will be the only time you will ever get to attend to your hobbies. So, think long and hard about how you can make it work.

Use your weekends: with your week filled with so many activities, there is a tendency for some of it to spill off into the weekends too. It is okay if it does, but you need to effectively plan your weekend time too. Depending on your preference, there are two ways you can play this. Some people prefer spending the entire week on work and dedicating their weekends to their hobbies. I say with proper planning you can do both: work all week with occasional breaks to play and still dedicate some part of your weekend to your work, dissertation writing and attend to your hobbies.

Avoid all-nighters: Now this might sound counter-intuitive, especially if your work schedule takes up your daytime. But using your entire nighttime to work on your dissertation will most likely leave your drained and disheveled the next morning. So much that your productivity at work might be affected. Also, setting an inflexible time by which you must be in bed will force you to make the most of your day and avoid laxity.



You will need a lot of discipline. Great planning does not always get the job done; sticking to your plan is the key to making things work. Even when you have a fixed schedule for all your activities, you will still need a lot of self-discipline. It would take some will-power to drag yourself out of bed on a weekend to sit at your designated writing spot. It also will also take self-discipline to stop yourself from opening a new tab to watch YouTube video or steal some time to reply to your Facebook messages. But if you ever want to get anything done, you will have to do away with self-indulgence and be disciplined. Putting all of these tips together you should be able to get your work done faster and more effectively and still have some spare time to hike, read a book, play sports or do whatever your hobby is.