To do or not to do is the biggest question that bothers students who are contemplating distance learning. It is true that distance learning has opened up a new avenue for the students, but everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you have already decided to go for distance education and wondering how to write my papers for cheap then you can certainly browse the internet for details. You will find ample of online service providers who are ready to help you. For those who still doubt, here are few pros and cons of distance education:


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  1. It does not hamper other works – Distance education is undoubtedly the best for the working class. It is truly a blessing for all the students who don’t want to leave their job, yet wants a higher education. It is easy to study on weekends without interrupting the daily work schedule. Distance education is an extremely great opportunity to learn while you earn.
  2. Easy on pocket – Compared to the regular education distance learning offers a relaxation on the course fee. It is at least 30% cheaper than on-campus courses. Students who are looking for the economically viable option should go for distance education as it will save a chunk amount of money.
  3. Saves time – Since the students don’t have to go to college and return from there, it saves huge time. Students who are hard pressed for time, can opt for distance learning, it won’t create any hurdle in their regular routine.
  4. Study whenever you want – In distance learning students are having the flexibility to study whenever and wherever they want. You can choose a café, you can choose your living room or you can choose your bedroom as your study place. You won’t have to get stuck in a classroom for hours.
  5. Rising in career – Over years distance learning has gained huge popularity among the employers. Once you complete your course, you can simply climb the stairs of success. Since, distance learning has been recognized by many employers throughout the globe, your certificate will speak for you.


  1. It might prove to be a distraction – Studying is not a piece of a cake. It needs effort and time both. Students who are busy with their work stands a high chance of getting distracted from their regular work. They can feel burdened. As a result both the work and the distance education will suffer.
  2. Few costs might not be revealed during admission – Distance education is not always pocket friendly. During the time of admission, the administrator may not reveal all the cost in each semester. Sometimes the exam fee or the installation of software can cost a student very dearly.
  3. Poor quality of faculty – Since distance education is still considered to be lesser than the regular education, the faculty assigned for online tutoring are not good. In such cases the students suffer a lot.
  4. Fraudulent and fake degrees – The scam operators are taking huge advantage of the rise of the distance education. There are still fraudulent and fake degrees circulating in the market. Sometimes, the students are lured in with false promises and in the end they are given a non-accredited degree.
  5. Limited chance of networking – Students opting for distance learning do not get a chance to interact with the faculties, the alumni members or the other students. They lose out on the networking option.

All in all, distance education may be a very valuable experience. However, it is only you to decide to grab this chance or not.