Bored of the wait times for internet? Want to get online, fast? Then Relish is for you. A central London internet provider, which offers same day delivery broadband and, excitingly for the ABOUT TIME team, has just launched in Camden! Here’s what you need to know about Relish and why we’re totally loving the service.

Relish: The Lowdown

There’s literally nothing worse than moving into a new flat or office and having to wait months for an internet connection. Times are a’changing though, people. When it comes to broadband in central London, Relish is the name you need to know. It couldn’t be easier: you can get online the same day – when ordered before 2pm for a one-off £20 fee, it’ll be delivered by 7pm – or the next working day for free. All with unlimited data, no monthly line rental and no complicated contracts. Yes, we’re in love!

Relish: How It Works

Unlike other internet providers, Relish is different. They won’t keep you waiting, and you can enjoy same day internet, delivered at lightning speed. In fact, the Relish team find delivering the hub the same day SO easy, they’ve even done it on a pogo stick to celebrate their launch into Camden.

Of course, take that with a pinch of salt people, your router isn’t going to be delivered by pogo stick, but the time of waiting weeks and weeks for your broadband to be installed could be old news!

What’s even better? You won’t need an engineer! Their hub plugs directly into the mains, so you’ll be online in minutes. No more fussing with complicated routers or having to call out half of London to get online. Other things we love about Relish is that there’s no landline charges – Relish uses wireless technology, so you can do away with that landline you never use.

Whether you opt for a one-month rolling contract which has a one-off cost of £50 for the device, or a 12-month contract (with no upfront costs), the payments are always simple and transparent – at £20 a month.

If you only need internet for a short amount of time, the one-month rolling contract can be handy, as other broadband providers in Camden will lock you in to 18-month contracts.

Relish: Getting Started

Relish is a new way to think about internet providers in Camden. Running a start-up, I know how challenging it can be moving offices and getting your essential services off the ground; and we’re super excited that Relish has launched in our hometown. Check out Relish’s super cool advertising campaign, which celebrates their same day broadband delivery service. You can watch the video here.

Amazing internet with no line rental and delivery the same day? We’re sold, and we can’t wait for Camden-locals to try it either.

Sponsored post in assocation with Relish – see their website here.