Going on holiday is – for most – a luxury. It’s the sign that you’ve worked hard enough to afford the holiday of your dreams and you can daydream about far-flung places. Travelling is an adventure, an excitement added to a life filled with offices and complicated relationships, business deals, and friendships to manage. It’s the break from life that you need to regroup, breathe, and try again.

We spend much of our life looking for the “next thing.” You spend your days telling yourself if THIS happens, you’ll be happy. And you get “this,” and there’s still more that you want. Life isn’t always about the destination, not when the journey is the destination. That journey to happiness is going to include taking a break sometimes, and you need to think about how to continue on that journey while you’re on holiday. So, with that in mind, let’s look at six reasons it’s time for a holiday right now.

You Need To Recharge

Sometimes, you just need to take a big deep breath and relax. Holidays give you those days that you need away from the office, family, and even friends just to relax and remember that you are essential, too, among all of the worry. Unplug, recharge and head back to climbing that journey of yours with your head clear.

You Need To Reduce Your Stress

Travelling gives you something to look forward to, and though travelling itself can be stressful, it can be very different than the stress of life. Travel stress is a positive stress everyone wants to have! Reducing your stress is more than healthy, and travelling can help you to do that!

Change Is Everything

Change is as good as anything, and you’ll avoid the monotony in life if you are taking a break from your norm. It’s a good thing to make changes from your daily routine; you prevent stagnation and can continue forward in life.

You’ll Breathe New Air

Being in a new location can give you a moment to fill your lungs with air other than the smoggy city air. You’ll enjoy the outdoors, reoxygenate your blood, and get the right level of vitamin D. Avoid sunburn, but enjoy the time you spend away from your stuffy office. You’ll gain such clarity afterward!

An Attitude Adjustment

When you head to a new location, you get the chance to see life at a different angle. Having a trip gives you something to feel happy about, and that alone can allow you to know the journey is the destination rather than what’s ahead for you.

You’ll Make More Memories

Experiences are what we remember most, not material items. The more experiences that you give yourself, the happier you will be. Visit every place that you can think of that will inspire you and spark joy, and you’ll have more memories than you can imagine. Your travel journey is going to inspire you to do good things when you get home – embrace it!