With more than 60% of the new restaurant is failing within the first year of the opening, running a restaurant has become a continuous battle. This battle is more of keeping ahead in the vast competition and bringing in consistent revenue. Undoubtedly, it is a rigid industry to be in. The reason restaurants are failing is the lack of self-awareness and marketing methods.

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Restaurant marketing is one of the effective strategies that can help your restaurant to be seen. Whether you are a startup or having a chain of restaurants, right marketing can bring a huge change in your business revenue.  

With so many types of marketing available, one of the most effective is video marketing. According to the Forbes report, in 2017, approx 75% of internet traffic was video based. Video is more effective than plain text to spread message and sharing interesting contents related to your business. So if you want your restaurant to get noticed, you need to use restaurant video marketing.

Why Should You Choose Restaurant Video Marketing?

The restaurant industry is very competitive. Competitors can easily mimic any product and offer low pricing for the same. But customer service and customer experience is required to stand above the competitors.

As a restaurant owner, you need to do something out of the box to get the upper hand. One amazing thing that you can do is – make use of video marketing.

Video marketing is a perfect method to promote your restaurant for free or without spending much. To promote your food business successfully, you need to ensure that the videos you’re creating are unique, engaging, and have relevant content.

The Right Tool for Restaurant Video Marketing

Now when you know that video marketing is necessary for your restaurant to be in the competition, the next step is to make a restaurant video. You can easily create an award-winning video with the help of a tool like Renderforest. This tool is simple to use and is an  inexpensive way to create videos.

To create a video with this video making tool, you need to choose a built-in restaurant template and follow the steps coming to your way. With Renderforest, creating a video is a matter of a few minutes. The video you create from this tool can help you to boost your overall revenue and give visibility to your restaurant business.

If you are wondering what kind of video can help your restaurant business with effective marketing, then here are the five effective tips you must try out.

  1. Behind the Scenes

Regardless of the industry, people are always fascinated to see what is happening behind the scenes. So show them what’s behind your kitchen doors. It gives your viewers an inside view of your restaurant and what you can do to cope up with the expectations of your guests.

A short video of your kitchen in action could make an amazing promo for your food business. Not only it makes your business transparent but also provide a glimpse of the food making and the ingredients. You can shoot different sort of videos like like chefs’ interviews, waiters interacting with chefs, the journey of ingredients from fields to plate, how you treat your guests and more.

  1. Make Recipe Videos

Recipe videos have been around for a long time but people still love watching them. Especially when you come up with unique and fresh recipes people are more likely to experiment those at home. You can provide unique recipe tips to people through videos. A quick 30-second video on how to make a particular dish can help you to win customers.

A recipe video gets your visitors involved with your cuisine. The more they like your cuisine the more they are likely to visit your restaurant. Obviously, don’t let all of your recipe secrets leak though. It’s just an idea to engage people and encourage them to visit your place.

  1. Start a Vlog

This is another quick restaurant video marketing idea. Vlogs are considered as a big marketing tip right now. It allows you to interact with your audience directly and answer their queries. You can start a vlog of your restaurant to share updates related to your food business. There are several ideas to start a vlog, e.g. you can interview your chefs, do interviews with market experts, start a cookery show on your YouTube channel, and a lot more.

Starting a vlog is not a hard nut to crack. If you really want to do well on YouTube and boost your subscribers rate, be consistent. Remember consistency plays a big role. Just fix a posting schedule and stick to it no matter what.

  1. Tell Story of Your Restaurant

As you may know, people love to listen and watch stories. If you want your video to be attractive you need to focus on depicting a story through it. Remember the videos you’re making have stories that are not just engaging but also create an emotional connection with your audience. Videos that are emotional and fun tend to have a huge impact on your viewers.

Ensure the videos you’re creating are emotional, funny or both at the same time. Tell people what makes your restaurant unique and cheer them to pay you a visit.

  1. Customer-Focused Content

Your customers are the most important part of your restaurant. They are not only important to your economic success but also a great source of user-generated video content.

If your customers always amazed by the creativeness of your cocktails or the sheer size of your dishes, film their reactions and put them on your site. It is a perfect way to let your audience know about your relationship with your customers. You can also create customer testimonial videos to make your business build its trust and gain more credibility.


Online reputation of your business depends on the reviews and how quickly you respond to the queries. Undoubtedly, restaurant video marketing is an effective strategy that can make or break your business. It plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of the customers to your restaurant.

If your restaurant still doesn’t have promotional videos, do not waste time, select a video making tool, and start creating your video ads now. For the desired results, remember to keep your videos catchy, succinct, and innovative.