2015. It’s been a pretty good year, hasn’t it? We had a complete redesign of our website to make it even more incredible, Kate Middleton introduced us to Princess Charlotte, and Adele came back and better than ever.

To have more of the same in 2016, you need to introduce the new year in an unbelievable, fun and exciting way.


Now let’s be honest, New Year’s Eve always tends to be a lot more trouble than it’s worth. But those amazing folks at Lucky Voice have got you sorted this year – so you can start 2016 off with a bang, and a song.

Forget paying through the nose for over-priced drinks and door prices. With free entry to Lucky Voice (Islington and Brighton); you can party up a storm in the bar without breaking the bank – AND necking back aptly named cocktails – like Phil (Raspberry) Collins, Drunk in Love and Sweet Punch.

Meanwhile the aspiring pop stars amongst us can book a booth, grab a mike and sing away to our heart’s content – all whilst wearing the obligatory fancy dress from the dressing up box. If that’s not enough to wet your whistle, perhaps the free bottle of bubbles with every booth will be.


Want to know the very best bit? (even better than free bubbly!)

Prices start from just £8.50 per person per hour in London, and £7 per person per hour in Brighton.

Shake off the bad bits of the year with a bit of Taylor, Roar with Katy, Think Out Loud with Ed or any other songs that take your fancy. To book, visit their website here, or give the Islington branch a call: 020 7354 6280.

Just promise us you have some actual fun on New Year’s Eve for once!