The mystic world of psychics and fortune-telling is gaining popularity online. Unlike the ones you are used to seeing in movies, you do not really need to be sitting across from your fortune teller with a crystal ball in between to hear about their predictions about the future of your career or relationships. Psychics, or clairvoyants, as more accurately named, use their knowledge in the realm of astrology and energy to give their own interpretation about others’ lives from what they tell them. 

The most common readings people are interested in are relationship-related ones. This is pretty understandable, given how hard relationships are in general, and how we try to find as many assurances as possible to avoid getting hurt over a failed relationship. This is why people start looking for signs and seek guidance from people who they deem more insightful and can give them answers to difficult questions along the lines of: is he/she the one? Will this relationship work? And on goes the list. While some might argue against psychics and how they are all just a bunch of scammers, a lot of people out there base their relationships on fortune-telling and the input they get from their psychic readings. 

So, let’s dig right in and try to understand the reasons behind this widespread phenomenon:

It has become more acceptable and accessible

In the world we live in, a few things remain to be seen as “crazy” or mind-boggling. In a sense, people have seen it all. As a result, this old inhibiting fear of being judged by others no longer stops those who rely on psychic readings for advice from doing just that. Another thing is how accessible fortune-telling has become. For those who were always interested in psychic readings, but never knew where to look, email and phone readings that are available 24/7 have made it very easy to get instant advice from an advisor of your choice. This has encouraged even more people to give online fortune-telling a try and incorporate it in their decision-making when it comes to their relationships.

The fast-paced life we are living

Most people complain about how they never have enough time in their day to get things done. Neither a college student or a young adult working in a corporate office will not have any time to spare over a relationship that is meant for failure. So, for the sake of efficiency, people start looking for quick fixes or ways by which they can “guarantee” that their relationships are worth the time they’re giving and will end up going somewhere. Fortune-tellers will help them navigate this area of their lives efficiently and effectively. For these people, the weight they put on their psychic’s advice decisions will differ from one person to the other, and the seriousness of the decision at hand will vary as well. Regardless of how “busy” someone is, a divorce decision will not come as easy as a “going out on a second date or not” one. 

A history of bad relationships

Those who have experienced the pain of a failed previous experience tend to have more self-doubt and self-consciousness than other first-timers. Most of these people cannot fully trust their guts when it comes to giving a chance to a new relationship. So, it only makes sense for them to get help from experienced and knowledgeable readers who can guide them through and give them valuable predictions regarding how to best tackle a new relationship. They hope to uncover the hidden factors that come into play when relationships are in question. Believing that this way they can spare them potential pain is enough to make them trust what their fortune-tellers are claiming that is in the cards for them. 

Peer pressure

What your friends say matters. If your friends are using fortune-telling to help out in their relationships, you are most likely going to follow suit. These are the people you trust the most and believe they have your best interest at heart, so, why not do what they’re doing and delve into the world of fortune readings? Especially if you see that it is somehow working for them and how happy they seem to be with the results, you will want the same for yourself. Friends will usually share their favorite readers’ contacts and encourage one another to adopt this way of living even further than you would’ve done on your own. 

People like to hear positive affirmations

In the world of card-reading and fortune-telling, it is believed that people will go from one reader to the next until someone tells them exactly what they want to hear. Even if someone completely trusts the psychic they go to, they will try to somehow shift the narrative and tweak their words until their psychic tells them what they are seeking. It is true that we all want answers about the unknown future, but sometimes it is all about what we do at that given moment that will affect how this future turns out to be. This little push is what people are usually aiming for, a nudge towards staying in a relationship, moving on, or saying yes or no to a marriage proposal, etc. Hearing someone you trust to tell you that you are destined to have a loving and long-lasting relationship will encourage you to subconsciously work towards that and revel in what you are destined to have. 

Some see it as a part of the work relationships need

Treating fortune-telling as an integral part of every relationship they have makes those who believe in psychics treat it as part of the relationships’ demands. They believe that this way, they are doing their part to guarantee the success of their relationships. If they are looking for answers about the relationship and passionate about finding out what it has in store for them, it definitely means that they care about it and their partner’s needs. 

The strong urge we humans have to partake in successful and happy relationships make even the most skeptical one of us consider what might be possibly judged as “outlandish”. There is no right or wrong when it comes to how someone lives their life; it is all a matter of beliefs and perceptions. With fortune-telling for relationships -just like anything else- some people will be  with it, others will be against it, but the least we can do is to understand its implications and the reasons behind it.