Life insurance! It’s such a cheery topic isn’t it? Who doesn’t love nice long chats about how your money is protected if the worst should unexpectedly happen?

I have to confess; I love talking about it…but then again I’ve never been good at dinner parties. And it appears the rest of the UK feel quite different about the subject than myself.

A survey carried out by MoneySuperMarket has revealed that up to 60% of UK adults do not have any form of life insurance, with many believing it’s too expensive and that insurers don’t honour claims.
The truth of the matter is very different, in fact 97.7% of all life insurance claims are paid out and the average monthly life insurance premium is £21.75. Despite the reality of the situation, the stigma surrounding life insurance still exists, and that won’t change unless we start talking about the issue!

And as far as the cost element is concerned, it appears that just a few small changes to your daily routine could save you enough cash to take out a policy. Take a look at the infographic below for a list of suggestions on how you can safeguard your family’s finances and not feel the financial impact…

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Real Cost of Life Insurance
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