This week in our Top Tips for Isolating With… column, Virtual Events Specialist and consult, Ashanti, who is isolating in South London, gives us her top tips for quarantining with a friend and housemate who also works from home.

top tips for isolating with a housemate, tips for isolating with a housemate

1. Give each other space – physically and mentally

My housemate and I will have parts of the day – normally mornings – where we do not bother each other at all so we can prep and plan for the day ahead in peace. It helps us get more done. Likewise, if one of us needs a quiet evening to wind down, we will agree not to bother one another after work. Some days we actually choose not to interact at all, just do that we really feel that we have enough of our own space to breathe.

2. It’s the little things that count

This is one of the most important tips for isolating with a housemate. It really does make a difference and ease the mood. Splitting the chores has worked well for us. My housemate has been doing most of the cooking as she enjoys it, and I have been doing the shopping.

3. Be extra mindful about cleaning and taking out the bins

These can be sticking points between housemates at the best of times, but more so now given the intensity of the lockdown which is why it’s made it onto my list of top tips for isolating with a housemate. This can cause a lot of tension if left unattended. Make sure you wash up after yourself and, if you see that the bin is full, don’t just squash it down, take it out. It’s a two minute job that can prevent a whole lot of upset.

4. Be prepared to have open and transparent conversations about irritations and issues

This way they can be resolved before resentment starts to brew. Address any issues you have with your housemate quickly, directly and gently. And don’t take it personally when they address any issues they have with your behaviour.We are all under a lot of stress given the current circumstances and a little compassion will go a long way. The extra stress of a fall out is just not worth it.

5. The bottom line: be kind.

Kindness and compassion are the cornerstones of all happy relationships. And, right now, we need each other’s support more than ever.

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