You’re a member of the Tinder generation, a mid-noughties’ dating phenomenon that’ll leave you swiping left until you’ve got a repetitive strain injury. Instead of hitting a club and crossing your fingers that you won’t have a drink thrown in your face, you’ll stay at home and chat to matches like you were a teen on MSN Messenger in 2005.

And this is the new normal. The habit of getting dressed up to speak to random people in a bar is dying a slow death, replaced by awkward first dates between two people who have done nothing but send aubergine emojis to each other for a few weeks.

The big leap into the unknown isn’t walking up to a girl and making small talk in the hope that you’ll make a connection. Now, you have to pluck up the courage to type “Do you fancy a drink some time?” into an instant messenger service.

If your prospective partner says yes, you’re in! But you don’t want your actual appearance to be disappointing, especially when your Tinder profile picture has a thousand different beautifying filters on it.

It’s time to dress to impress, to look more handsome than Ryan Gosling cuddling a puppy, to exude the sense that you’re a cool fun-loving guy who’s probably dynamite in the sack. It’s time to Tinder like a pro.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few fashion and beauty tips to help you look your best on your first date.

Aphrodisiac scents


Most guys smell horrendous. They’re either lathered in more Lynx than a teenager after a gym lesson, or go au naturel and make the noses of everyone around them scrunch up like an old man’s fingers.

But the vast improvements of men’s perfume mean that guys have no more excuses for smelling a bit pongy. Major brands like Paco Rabanne and Calvin Klein have perfected a huge range of scintillating scents, so you’ll be able to give a great first olfactory impression the moment you meet your date.

Semi-suited and booted

The world of Tinder straddles the middle ground between full-blown romantic first date and casual meetup, so you’ll have to dress appropriately. Smart casual is the name of the game, showing that you’ve made the effort but not looking as though you might get down on one knee at any point in the evening.

Invest in beard oil

“Love guys with beards”. You’ll see that sentence on countless dating profiles, so do you really want your facial hair looking grubbier than Robinson Crusoe with a hangover?

Beard oil is the most magical of ointments for your whiskers, and will make your every facial follicle smell great. An average bottle will cost you less than a tenner, and will last you for plenty of dates to come!