Swedish born Faya aka Fitness on Toast is our ultimate #Fitspo inspiration here at About Time Magazine. As a personal trainer, health, travel and fitness blogger she proves that successful people are often the busiest. Here she shares her favourite London health spots and top tips for staying fit, healthy and motivated throughout 2015.

What’s a typical Fitness on Toast day?


I wake up everyday at 5 o’clock and see my first PT client at 6-6.30 and then work solidly until lunch time. At this point, I’ll usually head out to blog meetings, or head home to focus on blog related work – creating some content, tending to the inbox, planning projects etc. I train 4-5 times a week and try  somewhere to squeeze in a yoga session too. I like to maximise sleep, so 10pm is the target for shutdown!

What’s your favourite place to grab a juice in London?


My favourite place to grab a juice in London is in my flat, as I can choose all the best quality, fresh ingredients. That said, I also really love Roots and Bulbs on Maryelebone High Street – not cheap, but a whole batch of nutrient-rich cold-pressed wonderfulness!

From an expat perspective, what do you think is distinctive about London? Do you think we’re relatively forward-thinking when it comes to health foods and fitness?

I think London is unique in that there is so much choice, especially with the ever-growing fitness trends. I love the outdoors, and London has some exceptional green spaces on offer – Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill, Regent’s Park, Hyde park are my favourites. One great way to discover a new royal park every week is with British Military Fitness!

Where are your favourite places to run in London?


Hampstead Heath would be my top place for sure. It offers everything; big fields, woody parkland, and you can find the most beautiful panoramic vistas overlooking London. Also, if you want to stop off, you can grab a tea at the fabulous Kenwood house!

What’s on your running playlist?

Everything that motivates me and gets an emotional response! I love such a range of genres, from house music, to classical, as well as a bit of Beyonce.

What’s your favourite London exercise class?

Tri Yoga – an oldie but such a goodie!

 About Time is all about how to spend your time in London, but for many people they feel that they don’t have enough of it to go to the gym or blend a smoothie. How would you suggest the time-poor maintain a healthy and active lifestyle?

Planning & organisation is the key. By physically putting your intended sessions in your diary, making them a priority, and then ‘consuming’ them on schedule, fitness will automatically become part of your routine meaning that you won’t have a reason NOT to train. Avoid leaving things last minute or to chance. You can train at home with little or no equipment so you’re not confined to the gym. My recipes are all intended to be quick and easy, healthy and delicious. You do not need to be Michelin-starred to make and eat healthy foods, nor do they need to be expensive.

We love all things brunch at About Time, where would you say you can get the healthiest brunch in London?


Tough question! I think restaurants nowadays are a lot more switched on and will cater for healthier eating. I don’t have a go-to brunch place, but I’ve always enjoyed Le Pain Quotidien.

With the cold January nights most people crave comfort food over kale. What’s your go-to nutrition-packed winter warming dish? 


I’m such a foodie so have a lot of healthy favourites! I love my sweet baked potato with some yummy fillings. It is so tasty and delicious that the body presumes it must be unhealthy, but thankfully it’s super low GI! Another, more traditional option, for which you’ll find a lot of options on my blog, is a hot soup – it’s a must when its this cold outside! This Asian coconut broth is a great option.

With the winter months knocking our immune systems, which health food or supplement do you believe every kitchen should have?


I’m not a big supplement person. I believe I can source all my nutrients from an appropriate and sustainable diet, and that we can access so many health benefits exclusively from the food you eat. A fresh mint tea with ginger and lemon is a winner to fight off any unwanted bugs. Fresh herbs and spices not only add exciting flavour to any dish they’re bursting with vitamins, minerals and goodness. These sorts of things are my kitchen supplements, and help to keep me away from the creamy, sugary, fatty sauces, because my food has all the natural flavour it needs!

London can often be quite a stressful and overwhelming city, what do you do to de-stress?

I try to destress through yoga and after a long workout in the gym I will sit for a few minutes in the sauna and try to meditate but then sometimes a classic long bath and a cuppa tea is all I need! I do find that the fabulous tapestry of luxury hotels in London offers an amazingly broad spa set.

What are your top fitness and health apps?

I use My Fitness Pal now and then when I’m training to a goal, but rarely rely on props to propel my motivation.

The new year welcomes an influx of gym memberships but on average only 30% will still be going in March. What advice would you give for people to stay motivated?


Set realistic goals! I think most people give up as they set unrealistic targets to begin with, and when they stray slightly, they feel like they’ve failed and throw in the towel. The problem is they were never going to succeed in the first place because expectations were set too aggressively. So I’d suggest setting a big goal, but breaking it down into weekly targets. Keep on track with your progress, and remember that whilst it’s somewhat of a cliché,  it’s not ‘all or nothing’, it is ‘as often as possible. Enjoy your training, keep it varied an interesting and when you work hard, give yourself a mind hug and say well done!

London is an expensive city and organic food can often be pricey. What’s your favourite budget-friendly recipe? 

My Chilli & Lentil Soup proves that healthy doesn’t need to mean expensive. It’s full of flavour and goodness, perfect for this time of year, and isn’t at all expensive!