For today’s Monday Motivation, we met with Sue Carroll, CEO of Young LDN, a skincare and beauty studio in Notting Hill. We spoke to her about the importance of bespoke beauty treatments, how she measures success and the most important lesson she’s learnt about the beauty industry:

How do you like to start your day? 

Sue Carroll

How I like to start my day and how I start my day are two different things.  I like to start my day with a meditation and a long stretch followed by a lazy shower and lots of body and face pampering.  However, I start my day by giving my dogs a hug, a quick shower and coffee -lots of coffee before I jump in the car for the school run.

What inspired you to start Young LDN?

The idea of Young LDN was born because I couldn’t find a place to treat my 12-year-old son, who was suffering from acne. When it got to a rather severe state, I started dragging him around London to various Medi Spas as I did not want to treat him using Roaccutane due to its horrible side effects. The problem was, he absolutely despised going to these places. 

I was determined I was going to beat this acne, but it was an undeniably difficult experience to get him to come with me- he simply did not want to visit a studio meant for “old ladies!” Frustrated, exasperated, and completely sick of the lack of treatments available for him, I decided there needed to be a place that was fun, trendy and inviting to the younger market.  A place that was cool to enter and that could offer a lot more than a quick cleanse and some extractions. 

I also wanted a place where the parent/caregiver could also be treated, and which did not exclude them.  Thus, Young LDN was born. We opened our doors in January and since then, we have been a one-stop skin and beauty studio in London for everyone from twelve up!

What’s the most important lesson you learned about the beauty industry?

Young LDN

The client is generally well informed.  They know what they need and to try to sell a product or a service because you are commission-based is old-fashioned.  Sell a product or a service with integrity not to reach a sales target and the client will come back and believe in what you are doing.

How do you like to measure success?

I measure success purely by our reviews and our client feedback.  The bottom line will grow if we are delivering the correct service and results.

What book or podcast inspired you recently?

I have just finished reading The Ride of a Lifetime by Robert Iger the CEO of Disney.  Not only is his own story inspirational but his lessons on how to manage a team should be read by everyone.

Where do you see Young LDN in five years?

Sue Carroll

I would hope to see it in more areas across the UK and perhaps elsewhere in the world.  I like to dream!

What’s the one thing you wish you knew before starting a business? 

I had been a stay at home mother for many years and had forgotten how hard it is to juggle everything.  I didn’t realise just how much help I would need to cope with it all.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start their own business? 

Surround yourself with people whom you like, who know more than you and who believe in what you are doing then go out there and have fun!