Wellnergy Festival is an all-new life, soul and mind-enriching experience set to debut on 17th June 2023 at Barn Elms in London. The one-day getaway brings together music, mindfulness, fitness, laughter and nutrition with music stages and guest talks from industry experts. We chatted with Marketing and Schedule Manager Scarlett Lee about the festival’s line-up and what people can expect from Wellnergy:

What can people expect from this year’s Wellnergy Festival? 
At Wellnergy 2023, attendees can expect an enriching experience where they will come away with actionable strategies to prioritise wellness in all aspects of their lives. From gut health to crystal healing, yoga to cold water therapy, our comprehensive schedule features eight distinct tents hosting over 75 diverse sessions, ensuring a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow. On top of this, we have more than 50 of our FitPros and Exhibitors situated around the venue to answer questions, share knowledge and invest their expertise in the attendees. With such a wide array of offerings, there’s truly something for everyone to discover and embrace!
What’s your role within the festival? 
Marketing and Schedule Manager. 
Who are you most looking forward to seeing? 
I am super excited for Grace Beverley’s talk on our Wellness Stage. I have been an avid follower of Grace for years, benefitting from the workouts she shared on her Instagram highlights before the creation of the Shreddy app. I followed her blogs when she was creating content alongside studying at Oxford. I’ve just ordered my latest TALA set and the Productivity Method that she created is an absolute lifesaver for making sure that I get everything done. I can’t wait for her Q&A on our Wellness Stage.
How does Wellnergy differ from other festivals? 
Wellnergy stands out from other festivals due to its exceptional variety. While many festivals concentrate on a single aspect such as fitness, food, or meditation, we have taken a holistic approach by bringing together all five pillars of wellness. Our festival boasts experts from around the globe ready to inspire attendees and provide them with actionable strategies to prioritise wellness in their daily lives. What sets us apart even further is that we are pioneers in creating a Neuroinclusive area within a festival setting. Our aim is to ensure that Wellnergy becomes a safe and accessible space for everyone to enjoy, making us the first festival to prioritise inclusivity in this manner.
How would you describe the festival in three words?
Holistic, rejuvenating, transformative.
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