Each day this week, we’re shining a light on a business or individual making positive action during the Covid-19 outbreak. Today’s positive spotlight is on writer Jess Collins: 

Jess Collins, a freelance writer and empowerment coach from Cornwall, is offering a handwritten letter to people all around the world to uplift and inspire during the coronavirus crisis. Her 100 Letters project means that she is writing every day, to people she has never met.

“I figured that I wanted to do something and couldn’t work out what I can offer during this time.  It suddenly struck me how powerful words could be and what a difference I could make to people who might be struggling.  Some of the people I’ve written to have really opened up and told me about their personal struggles and I’ve found that it’s really cathartic for me as well, providing a sense of connection at a time of separation” Jess Collins

Jess has also been offering free marketing and coaching calls for 40 entrepreneurs and small businesses via her Instagram page, as well as offering free personal one-to-one critiques (worth £400) for anyone doing her copywriting course, Audacity during the crisis.

You can find Jess at www.jesscollins.co.uk or via Instagram @theferalwriter