Each day during Covid-19, we shine a light on a business or individual making positive action during the pandemic. Today’s positive spotlight is on innocent, who has launched Re-Route The Fruit, an initiative to help mitigate food waste and support those in need during the coronavirus outbreak:

With Covid-19 lockdown restrictions affecting on-the-go eating habits, and with innocent drinks having a limited shelf life due to the fresh ingredients used, the juice company is donating un-purchased bottles to charities supporting the vulnerable and frontline workers.

Not wanting to add to the UK’s growing issue of food waste, Re-Route The Fruit has already successfully donated approximately 220,000 drinks. Over 120,000 drinks have been re-routed to various charities and foodbanks through the giving platform, Neighbourly, and over 98,000 bottles have been sent to hospitals, schools, care homes and the Royal Mail during the first weeks of the outbreak. Approximately 4,000 drinks have also been donated to individual members of the community.

Not only has innocent set up a dedicated project team solely to organise drinks deliveries to key workers and the vulnerable, it is also providing disadvantaged school children with free innocent smoothies. Those eligible for Free School Meals can get in touch with innocent with the 16-digit e-code provided by their school to receive a free pack of 10 kids’ smoothies.

Suraj Gangani, Head of Refreshment Marketing, at innocent drinks commented: “Our aim is simple, we want to get our drinks to the right places to help those who need it most. While we regularly donate to charities and foodbanks, we are increasing our efforts during this time to make sure no surplus stock goes to waste. We’re hoping to reach hundreds of thousands of people through this initiative alone”

Charities, public sector organisations and groups supporting those on the front line or in need who would like to learn more about the Re-Route The Fruit initiative and how innocent can help, can get in touch via press@innocentdrinks.co.uk.