Each day during Covid-19, we shine a light on a business or individual making positive action during the pandemic. Today’s positive spotlight is on Flow Aid: 

FlowAid, a campaign providing free sanitary products to homeless and vulnerable women, have partnered with Home Start Ealing and Ealing Mutual Aid, helping to provide local schools and hospital trusts with free sanitary products to female NHS health workers and women and girls living in poverty who cannot afford them across West London.

Flow Aid are coordinating with donors and these organisations, to ensure that product donations are delivered to the people who need them safely and securely.

They have already had a huge response from the local community, with many delivering donations to the organisation’s front doors, and are working hard to extend this outreach throughout the UK. Periods are not something women and girls should be worried about right now.

Founder Hayley Smith said: “Sanitary products have up until recently been viewed as luxury products due to the tampon tax. But they continue to be a luxury for those who are unable to afford or access them. And this is even more so, during lockdown and the outbreak. The products are often in short supply, and women and girls living in poverty are struggling to afford and access sanitary products, and female health workers are unable to access them easily, nor are they being provided.
FlowAid is working with as many organisations as possible to encourage and distribute donations directly to women who need them. Sadly, this disease is not a great leveller, and people in poverty, and on the frontline are some of the most vulnerable in this situation, so I want to be able to make their lives easier but making sure sanitary products and periods aren’t something else they need to worry about.”

FlowAid will continue to run this service for as long as we need, and all donations and contacts are welcome to ensure we reach as many people in need as possible.

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