As part of BeLOVeD Date Week, we’re going behind-the-scenes with the movers and shakers in London’s food scene. Every day this week, we’ll be having a date with a different influential food lover.


Today we meet the Adria, founder of healthy hangout Maple & Fitz, which has become the new favourite in London for their great healthy lunches, amazing juices and beautiful breakfast bowls:

Give us the lowdown on Maple & Fitz, what can people expect:


We’re a healthy eatery and cold-pressed juice bar in Fitzrovia. We specialise in salads, smoothies and juices designed to leave you feeling energised and fulfilled.

What’s the ethos behind Maple & Fitz? What made you want to start it?


I believe that food should be enjoyed, savoured, and leave you feeling confident and satisfied.  It’s all being connected – when you eat wholesome but great tasting food you feel better inside and out.

Since training at Le Cordon Bleu and subsequently studying nutrition I have fallen in love with combining simple, wholesome ingredients to create delicious food that your body craves. I want to make honest great tasting food accessible to busy Londoners who don’t always have the time to make meals from scratch.

What’s the most popular lunch time dish at Maple & Fitz?


The Julius Caesar salad.  We toss fresh ingredients including kale and mangetout in a natural yoghurt based dressing and garnish with fragrant toasted seeds.

What’s your go-to lunch if you’re at home?

Grilled avocado, poached egg and some cavolo nero (black kale).

Fave lunch spot in London:


Maguro! My local Japanese in Maida Vale and one of London’s best kept secrets!

What would lunch look like as a child?  Dad’s grilled vegetables from our garden with my mom’s freshly baked bread.

What would you do with a handful of dates?


Definitely combine them with raw almonds, raw cacao, chia seeds and sea salt to make our delicious Raw Energy Balls!  Sweet, savoury and perfect for that afternoon pick-me-up or post workout energy boost.

What country does the best lunch? 

So difficult to choose just one since I love combining ingredients from all over the map. I would however have to go for Lebanese since I spent quite a bit of time in the Middle East. I love having a fresh mezze spread with aubergine and chickpea dips, fattoush salad sprinkled generously with sumac and grilled whole fish!

What does health mean to? 


Health means satisfying your body’s real cravings and taking a balanced approach.  You can take care of your taste buds and health at the same time if you choose good honest ingredients and stay away from all the processed stuff.

London’s best juice bar is:

Maple & Fitz of course!

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