If there’s one thing every vaper should know, it’s proper e-juice storage methods. Without proper storage, your vape juice can go bad, even before its expiration date. Bad vape juice would smell and taste different or may not have any taste at all. This article will show you how to preserve your vape liquid, whether you’re opting for short or long-term storage.

Vape Juice Storage – What Are the Biggest Enemies of E-Liquids?

Of all the things that can ruin your e-juice, heat, light, and air are the worst. If you want your vape juice to last, it mustn’t come in contact with any of them.

Why Are Heat, Light, and Air Harmful To E-liquids?

  • Heat: When the heat comes in contact with your vape juice, it energizes the molecules, causing further reaction and breakdown of the various chemicals in your juice. The result is that your e-juice will taste different, and lose its flavor.
  • Oxygen: Oxygen affects the nicotine in your vape liquid: It reacts with the nicotine molecule to form Cotinine. This leads to a reduction in nicotine concentration levels.
  • Light: Sunlight or ultraviolet rays can act as a catalyst for the oxidation process, boosting the production of Cotinine.

Proper e-juice storage techniques entail keeping e-liquids away from these 3 elements.

How To Properly Store Vape Juice?

There are several vape juice storage strategies vapers use. Some common ideas are to store in a cool place such as a fridge or to store in a dark place like a cupboard or vape juice storage box. However, before you buy any of the vape juice storage ideas out there, you should consider how long you intend to keep your vape liquid, the type of e liquid storage container you’re using, and the probability of your kids reaching it (if you have any).

Short Term Vape E-juice Storage

If you wish to store your e-juice for a short time, an ideal location would be a cupboard. Just ensure there’s zero chance of UV light getting to it. To prevent oxidation, you should store it in a container that’s almost filled up, or you squeeze the bottle before putting the cap on (this removes the air in it). Lastly, ensure the cap is tightly closed. Small, plastic bottles are best for short-term E-juice storage.

Long Term E-juice Storage

If you’re one of those vapers who buy e-liquids in large quantities and store them, then you need the proper know-how to keep them fresh: this way, they can last for up to a year or more. Here’s how to store vape juice for a long time.

The first tip for long-term storage is to use dark, high quality e-liquid bottles. These bottles provide an additional protective measure from sunlight. Next, use a container that has the right volume capacity for the E-juice (there shouldn’t be too much vacant space or headroom in the container), and look for a cool, dark location that has sufficient space for storage. Glass bottles are preferable here since they have less chances of allowing air penetrate.

Another long-term vape juice storage technique is to simply put them in the fridge or freezer. This method is quite popular among vapers as it is hassle-free. However, there are some things you should consider before doing this.

Is Fridge Or Freezer A Good Idea To Store E-liquid?

Storing e liquid in refrigerator can be a good idea for long-term storage, as it stops bacteria activity. However, the problem of the juice getting frozen is another thing to consider.

Can vape juice freeze? Yes. Its freezing point will depend on the VG and PG contents in it.

Does Vegetable Glycerin Freeze? Yes, VG has a freezing point of -38 degrees Celsius. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean your vape liquid will freeze at this point. The VG to PG ratio is what determines the final freezing point of your vape juice.

PG (Propylene Glycol) in vape juice has a very low freezing point (below -59°c) so together with VG, they prevent your juice from freezing to solid form. However, at these extremely low temperatures, your e-liquid will become very thick and produce huge, thick clouds when vaped.

Another major disadvantage of vape juice storage in freezers is that it can degrade the flavour, and cause condensation inside the bottle.

When To Choose A Plastic Container And When To Opt For A Glass One

A plastic container is best for short-term storage. A glass container, on the other hand, is best for long-term storage.

Plastic containers sometimes seep some of their chemicals into the E-juice when they sit for a long time, and they are also air permeable. This makes them unideal for long-term storage.

Whichever type of container (glass or plastic) you’re using for your vape juice storage, endeavor that you’re getting it from a very good e-liquid bottles manufacturer.

What Can Happen If You Store E-liquids Improperly?

The end result of improper E-juice storage is the loss of its taste and flavor. In some cases, the color of the juice will change too. In the worst-case scenario, the E-juice would smell and taste rotten.

How To Keep Your E-liquids Safe From Children?

The primary security measure for children is the childproof caps vape juice bottles come with. However, as an additional protective measure, you should store your bottles in high cupboards and other places your kids can’t reach (like deep in the freezer).

Final Words

When storing E-juice, don’t forget to take them out and shake them every once in a while: this makes for steeping, so you end up killing two birds with one stone.