Do you have a back garden that you want to make better use of? Do you want to be able to embrace the trend of outdoor dining but aren’t sure where to begin the makeover project? We’ve got some simple steps that you can use that will help to create an inviting outdoor dining area in your garden that will feel like a private retreat all summer long.

Choose the Dining Furniture Based on the Space Available

Far too often, people pick up a dining set that looks stylish or trendy without thinking about how it will fit in the available garden space. It’s important to think in terms of scale. If you’re working with a small garden then a small table for two is perfect for enjoying tea and sandwiches or other light meals. If you’ve got a large garden with lots of available space, then you can look at grander options such as the 4 seater garden furniture sets from Lazy Susan.

The other thing to consider when picking dining furniture is how many people you plan on hosting at once? If you like the idea of small dinner parties with just one other couple, then there is no need for a massive outdoor set.

Shade Should Be a Consideration During the Design

While much of the emphasis on outdoor living is on taking advantage of the beautiful weather, the fact is that not everyone wants to sit in direct sunlight for long periods. Kids, the elderly, and even those who just feel the heat more than others would likely appreciate a shaded option.

There are plenty of ways to make this a reality including an umbrella on the table, an oversized stand-alone umbrella, an awning, a gazebo, a pergola, or even shrubbery and trees that provide natural shade. Offering an area that is shaded to sit and enjoy a meal means your outdoor dining area will get even more use. Look at 2 seater garden tables and create a small bistro dining area.

Will You Be Cooking Outdoors?

An outdoor dining area can also include an area for cooking. This will come down to how much space you have, your lifestyle, the kind of meals/cooking you enjoy, and the equipment you already have on hand or will purchase. A garden BBQ/grill is versatile in that you can cook all kinds of tasty meals on it.

Ambiance Should Be Built Into the Design

To achieve the “inviting” aspect of the outdoor dining area you need to be mindful of ambiance. Ideally, you want to play up the natural features in the garden such as the trees and flower gardens. You can also use oversized flower pots filled with bright perennials and/or annuals, install a small water feature such as a foundation, and have music playing softly thanks to outdoor speakers and elegant garden lights that are perfect for evenings outdoors.

Move the Meals Outdoors All Summer Long

With these tips, you’ll be able to create an inviting outdoor dining area that prompts you to move the meals outdoors all summer long. The outdoor dining options from Lazy Susan can offer plenty of inspiration.