There are many issues with the current education system that prompt many students to consider other options. One of the biggest issues facing students today is the rising cost of tuition. When you couple this with budget cuts and increasingly overcrowded classes, traditional brick and mortar colleges become less advantageous.

This is where online learning comes in. Many students have been gravitating towards online education lately. An increasingly larger number of courses are available to students and they’re also being looked at more favorably in the workplace. But what are some of the benefits and possibilities of online learning? Let’s find out.

Huge Course Selection

While online learning was limited to a few courses not too long ago, the current selection of courses available online is almost endless. Pretty much every course available at a traditional college can be found online nowadays and many courses, such as online MBAs and legal degrees, transfer very well online because of their nature.

Even courses that require significant class work have their online counterpart. While some of these classes will demand that you clock in in person class time in many cases, they still allow students to follow most of the curriculum online.

Added Comfort

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Comfort is probably one of the biggest reasons people decide to study online. Who would rather sit in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end in an overcrowded class with no control on when to take breaks than study from home? When you’re working from home, you can do whatever you want on your own time and choose your setting. Everything is delivered online, which allows you to study from wherever you want.

However, note that comfort could work to your detriment as well. While some people prefer the convenience of working from home, some may benefit from the structure a traditional college may offer. If you feel like you’re the type of person that needs discipline and has difficulty working on your time and staying focused, then I would reconsider my decision.

Lower Costs

While it is not always the case, online colleges such as Concordia University often have lower tuition costs than traditional colleges. This is mainly because they have to deal with less overhead costs. Also, things like campus costs or other services that are usually offered by traditional colleges don’t have to be passed down to the students.

But the savings don’t stop at tuition. For instance, if you’re studying from home, you don’t have to worry about transit. In addition, working from home will allow you to save money on things such as food and other accommodations.

Study as You Work

One of the many reasons people seek an online education is to update their skills. Some already have a bachelor’s degree in a particular discipline and either want to specialize themselves or get a higher degree. Online degrees allow professionals to work on their own time while maintaining their current position. Not all students have the time or luxury to leave work to pursue their studies, and online education is often the best option for them.

Added Convenience

This is another reason why more students decide to go the online route for their postgraduate studies. The added convenience of online courses is one of the main reasons they are so attractive to new students. Online studying allows you to study at your own pace wherever you are across the globe. In many cases, you can access some of the things you may have missed, which facilitates note taking and ensures that you don’t miss anything. You can always access you course material whenever you want, so no more having to plan trips to the library to get a specific manual.

In some cases, students may have a preferred time when they like to study. Some people prefer studying in the evening while others prefer studying in the morning. Online learning allows you to work when you’re the most motivated.

More Engagement

This may seem counter intuitive at first, but in many cases, online learning increases class participation, especially when it comes to introverted students. Traditional class settings can be a literal nightmare for introverted students, and they might be more inclined to participate with online tools. Also, they might feel less embarrassed to ask questions about difficult topics. Online communication tools take judgement out of the equation and make everyone equal. Also, studying online doesn’t mean you can’t form a connection with other students.


All these reasons are why so many new students are deciding to study online nowadays. The larger number of courses, added convenience and lower costs may be enough for many to take the plunge. Others might feel like online classes fit their personalities better. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you choose wisely and choose a course and university that will fit your needs.