Join Yoga Brunch Club for a beautiful, restful weekend of yoga and delicious food from The Detox Kitchen from Friday 3rd – Sunday 5th of July. And all from the comfort of your own living room.

The jam-packed weekend-long virtual yoga retreat will include six daily yoga practices varying from dynamic vinyasa flow and inversion workshops, to slower flows and yin classes, as well as three full days of nourishing, healthful vegan meal deliveries straight to your door.

What You Can Expect

– 6 Yoga Live Yoga Classes with Clem Balfour & Cloudia Hill, including mediation, gentle and more dynamic vinyasa flows and an inversion workshop I Open to all levels

– 1 Live non-alcoholic cocktail masterclass with La Maison Wellness

– 1 Live cook-along workshop with Lily founder of Detox Kitchen and a sit down chat with Rob Hobson, Nutritionist & Co-Author of the Detox Kitchen Bible

Meet Your Teachers: Clem Balfour and Cloudia Hill

Cloudia’s natural and honest , non-judgemental approach helps you to grow both physically and spiritually on and off the mat. Cloudia’s natural and honest approach allows you to strip off any fears or worries that come up, explore, find a freedom, take up as little or as much space as you need and most
importantly encourages you to smile. Her nonjudgemental approach helps you to grow both physically and spiritually on and off the mat.

Clem’s classes are creative, playful, restoring and dynamic at times, teaching with a wonderful infectious energy. Clem teaches an ever-changing sequence inspired by vinyasa flow (aligning breath and movement), which allows her to respond to the energy in the room. Her classes are often set to music,
combining elements of Yin and Yang, to help balance out your energy and allow you to experience the effects of yoga for your body and your mind.

This weekend will build from one day to the next, enabling the group to make progress in their practice with a toolbox of skills that they can continue to work on at home. All classes and workshops will take place over Zoom, with the first class taking place at 6pm on Friday 3rd of July.

About The Detox Kitchen

Detox Kitchen was set up in 2012 from the kitchen table, and was born from the idea of providing convenient, healthy nourishment to everyone. Fast forward to today and they are one of the most popular  home delivery services, delivering over a million meals a year to health conscious Londoners.

Detox Kitchen are on a mission to help people see, understand and consume food in a totally new way. They want people to eat their food and feel amazing afterwards, and they want people to be surprised by how delicious healthy food can be. Everything they serve is made in-house and all of their ingredients are sourced from the UK. Detox Kitchen hope that their food inspires people to eat healthier for good, to make better choices and to be conscious of where their food comes from.

For the founders of Detox Kitchen food isn’t just food. It is a pathway to better energy levels, sharper mental clarity, improved mood, better health and well being.

The food delivery includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, puddings, plus 1 juice per day, 1 nut pot per day, 1 snack per day, 1 ginger shot per day and 1 teabag per day (delivery is available in London only).

For more information, and to reserve a space at YBC’s virtual yoga retreat, click here.

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