With younger children wanting more extravagant celebrations for their birthdays as the years go by, it’s becoming harder and harder for the average person to keep up with the demands that come with catering for a child’s party. 

Regardless of the age, most children’s parties are successful with a good amount of sweets available for kids to share together, or take home as part of a goody bag. However, depending on the number of children that you invite to your child’s party, the amount of sweets you will need may have the tendency to hurt your wallet.

Buying sweets from the supermarket just like any other purchase can really add up, which is why if you’re on a budget, you should be looking at purchasing sweets in bulk quantities from wholesalers instead.

As a result, if you’re a parent looking to try and make your children’s birthday party a little bit cheaper, then keep reading to find out how you can find these bulk suppliers to make your child’s party a little easier on the wallet.

Why is buying sweets in bulk cheap?

When sweets are packaged for the supermarket, they are processed in smaller quantities and they also use more packaging in the process; with more plastic being needed when packaging smaller amounts of the sweets. With bulk production of sweets needing to take place anyway in order to produce the larger quantities, less packaging needs to be used for the large tubs. 

Additionally, bulk sales of sweets are usually catered towards business and caterers who will be using the sweets more commonly for preparing set desserts on the regular, and so they are provided at business rates.

Are sweets the best option?

WIth the long life tendency of sweets and how they do not go off very easily, we would say that when bulk-buying, sweets and candy-like products are definitely much better for children’s parties. If they aren’t all eaten, they can be stored again in the same durable tubs that the sweets come in; making them a waste-free option. 

Alternatively, if you were to buy chocolate, or prepared desserts, not only would they cost more, but they would go off after a certain period of time outside refrigeration. Most sweets are allergen-free, and can come in several different flavours and styles too. 

Where can you buy sweets in bulk for children’s parties?

There are quite a few wholesalers around the world that are dedicated to fulfilling international orders for larger quantities of sweets, but one of the most popular ones is definitely Wholesale Sweets. You can access their website here to have a closer look at all the types of sweets that they offer https://wholesalesweetsuk.co.uk. 

Of course, there are more wholesalers out there, but the most important thing to look at is the location of the wholesaler and their speed and price for shipping if they are located elsewhere around the world. With Wholesale Sweets, they cater for all orders at a reasonable price for expedited international shipping as well. 

Are there any discounts available for bulk-buy orders of sweets?

You can find discounts for some wholesalers via Groupon sometimes, or Honey, the Chrome extension, that automatically scans the web for any coupon codes that may be relevant to your order, depending on items bought.