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There were only so many strawberries one person could eat.

After hours of picking fruit in the midday sun, I learnt that the hard way. What once seemed like a delicious treat had become too much; the sight of strawberries was turning my stomach, and the rows and rows of strawberries on the horizon was making me feel queasy.

“Charlie, I’m calling a fruit amnesty” I shouted behind me, who was also oblivious to the Pick-Your-Own farm’s rule of no eating before purchase, happily guzzling straight off the plant.

“Coming” he said, mouth full of gooseberry

It was an unusually warm day for the British summertime, dry and humid, the July sunshine making the ground hot to the touch.

I found a quiet spot to rest, partially shaded by an oak tree. It was secluded here, away from the other day trippers, and felt peaceful.

I lay down, my legs and arms fanning out around me, tracing an angel amongst the grass. It felt delicious to have the warm sunshine on my face – I closed my eyes, letting the sun’s rays tickle my face.

In the spirit of fruit picking, I’d opted for a nostalgic outfit – a white cotton summer dress, Converse trainers and wide-brimmed straw hat – the kind of thing I’d wear when I was a kid for tennis.

But on second thoughts, before leaving the house, I’d thrown on something decidedly more grown-up underneath – a delicate La Perla lingerie set, pale pink silk with black lace trimmings. I felt like I was wearing a secret under my clothes – there’s something about expensive lingerie that makes you feel so sexy, even if no-one sees it.

After all, today I was alone with Charlie, a rare occasion away from our other two housemates and I wanted to make the most of it.

This whole summer has been full of latent desire for me, and I never managed to catch a moment alone with him.

The sun was making me sleepy. I was beginning to drift off when a shadow cast over me…

“You look like the cat that got the cream” Charlie said, a smile in his voice

“Come. Lie” I said, patting the ground next to me

He lay down next to me, all 6.2” of him sprawling out on the grass. I tried not to stare as his blond mop of hair fell in front of his pale grey eyes, in a whimsical, devil-may-care way. His boyish face had got freckly from the sun. He looked good enough to eat.

We lay there for a few moments, sunshine and strawberries putting us in a happy comatose.

“Charlie” I said, sitting up abruptly

“Maddie” he replied, semi-seriously, a half-smile on his lips

“I want to ask you something” I said


This was my moment. For months, I’d thought about telling Charlie how I’d fantasised about him, watched him walk half-naked in a towel from the shower to his bedroom, dreamed of sneaking into room late at night.

We’d been housemates for months, but with the others around in a tiny flat share, there had never been the right moment.

Sometimes, late at night, he’d fallen asleep on the sofa and I’d wanted to tuck myself into his arms, cuddle up under his wing. I’d thought about running my hands over his chest, feeling his bare skin on mine.

But I’d kept it to myself.

Now we were here, I’d totally bottled it.

I took a deep breath. Perhaps if I couldn’t say it, I should just…

I leant forwards, letting my long auburn hair fall over shoulders. Framing his face with my hands, I paused for a moment, taking in the sight of his beautiful features and kind eyes. My eyes locked with his – I held it there, longer than necessary. I wanted to savour every moment of this.

He wasn’t pulling away.

Ok, another deep breath.

I slowly lowered my head, bringing my lips to his. We kissed – ever so lightly at first – a whisper between his lips and mine.

I pushed my tongue into his; he tasted sweet and sour, I devoured the honeyed taste of him.

He seemed responsive, open, ready. His eyes were full of warmth and kindness. I felt safe, in this moment, here with him.

I felt his body inch closer towards mine, leaning into my touch.

There was a surge of energy in the pit of my stomach, excitement and nerves coursing through me. I felt so alive.

The energy was careering south, I could feel myself getting turned on by the feeling of his tongue pushing against mine.

“Maddie” he said warningly, “do you think this is a good idea? We live together. It could be a disaster”

I put my finger against his lips – the last thing I cared about right now was being sensible.

“Let’s worry about that another time” I said, my lips moving from his lips down his neck.

I lightly bit his neck and he gave out a faint murmur of pleasure.

“Let’s just enjoy today. The sunshine, the quiet. Just give into what you’re feeling right now, OK?”

I wanted to be in control. I wanted to own him right now.

“What are you feeling?” I said, my lips kissing the nape of his neck, my body hovering centimetres above his.

He didn’t really need to answer me. I felt the energy coming from his groin, he writhed slightly, pushing his body closer into mine.

It was all the incentive I needed, I poured my body over his, my dress blowing lightly in the breeze. The cool air felt good against my red-hot skin.

He murmured faintly in my ear, his breath hot and sweet against me.

“That feel good?” I said, pressing my body into his. My breasts were pushed against his chest now, the black lace of my bra visible.

He responded with touch – his hands were snaking under my dress, roaming over my thighs.

I wanted desperately for him to touch deeper, to caress my inner thigh, to feel the heat coming from me. The silk of my panties was already dripping wet, knowing his fingers were inches away.

In that moment, I didn’t care that we were in a public place, that we could be caught any moment. In fact, it made the whole thing more exciting. Knowing we had to be discreet and quiet was turning me on so much – I wanted to make him come so hard, and not make a sound.

“Tell me what you want” I whispered in his ear

“Kiss me” he said. I went to kiss his lips again, but he pushed me away. “Not there” he said, a twinkle in his eye. Oh.

I snaked my lips down, kissing all the way from his lips, chin, neck, down his stomach, letting myself devour every inch of him. I kissed his lips, licked along the waist band of his pants. I unzipped his jeans and could already feel how hard he was for me.

Pulling down his boxers, his dick sprung out, rock solid. I took him my mouth – light at first, caressing the top of his dick with my mouth – licking, sucking, tracing circles with my tongue. He murmured with delight.

“Faster” he said, lightly pushing my head slightly with his hands

I obeyed orders, taking the whole of his dick into my mouth and sucking his shaft. I sped up, feeling his body writhe with every movement. I sucked up and down, faster and faster, taking his dick into the back of my throat. He groaned with pleasure when I sucked him deep.

It turned me on so much to feel him harden in my mouth with every movement. I was desperate for him to feel my sex.

“Tell me when you’re close” I said, feeling his hips moving urgently to increase the intensity

I didn’t want him to come like this. Not before I’d had my fun.

When I felt he’d enjoyed enough of my wet mouth, I pulled my dress up. There was no time for foreplay, I needed to feel him inside me now.

I was straddling him now, my knees pushed into the grass.

I slowly teased him, bringing the tip of his penis to the edge of my wet pussy lips, but not letting him inside me yet. He whimpered with pleasure, desperate for me.

It felt good to deny him.

“I need you” he said

“Say it again” I ordered

“I need YOU” he said again, more urgently again

I couldn’t wait any longer. He entered me – the fullness of his dick inside me was delicious, he glided into my wet pussy with ease. I loved being on top and controlling the pace of things – starting slow, grind my hips back and forth in time with his, a perfect symphony.

I leant my whole body forwards, collapsing over him. We rocked back and forth, faster, more urgently, his dick deep inside me, thrusting into me again and again. I could feel myself getting close – he was hitting my G-spot and it was sending my body wild, I could feel the surges and rushes in energy with each thrust.

I brought myself up, riding him high now, my hips thrusting wildly in time with his. I felt my whole body quiver, I was on the cusp. Sweat was dripping off us both – the sticky heat of the day mixing with our desire – and it was only turning me on more. I kissed his neck, trying to stop myself down hard.

Each movement was bringing me closer and closer to the edge. I felt wild and unhinged.

Feeling my orgasm rising he said…

“Come for me Maddie. Come for me”

I’m not one for disobeying orders.

A surge of white light all around me and my whole body convulsed I climaxed, my pussy so wet and tight. I felt a wave of pure energy surging from the pit of my stomach over my whole body, each tiny movement sending me over the edge. The orgasm crested from deep within me – I felt it ripple in waves throughout my body, spreading from my sex over my entire body.

My body felt like it was on fire, the feeling of his light touch against my skin was making me shake and quiver. I’ve never wanted someone so much.

A smile spread over my face, the orgasm making me feel light and giddy.

We weren’t done yet though and there was still the whole car journey home to get through.

“Your turn” I said, leaning my lips down to his…