Did you know, this week is Coeliac Awareness Week?  To mark the special occasion, we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Well and Truly to bring you all the gluten-free goodness London has to offer during our special #WellandTrulyWeek. Well and Truly are a new brand, causing waves in the free-from aisle thanks to their incredible gluten-free tortilla chips. We sit down with the founders, Maria and Sara to talk health, the sugar-free movement and their beloved tortilla delights:

So, ladies, what inspired you to start Well and Truly?

Well and Truly Founders Maria and Sara

We saw a gap in the market for a brand with excellent tasting on-the-go and snacking products that were also better for you. With 55% of the UK population buying into free-from we knew that allergen free products was extremely important, but so was additional benefits such as lower fat or lower sugar. We created Well and Truly to offer consumers a better (healthier!) alternative that didn’t compromise on taste.

What’s the ethos behind Well and Truly?


We like to keep things simple. We make it easy to make healthy, tasty choices every single day. Our food is 100% goodness guaranteed – that means we only use all-natural, real ingredients that you’d find in the kitchen to make delicious recipes you’ll love. We believe less is moreish so we never use anything artificial, no-GMO and no nasties of any kind. We source all our ingredients from nature and make sure every one is there for a reason – to bring great-tasting, good food to the table. We want to get the world to Eat Well and Live Truly. And if our food helps people to feel happier and healthier, then we think that’s Well & Truly mission accomplished.

Why do you think health and the gluten-free movement has become so popular in London?


We believe that the popularity of the current health movement seen in London and elsewhere is primarily driven by the rise of the millenial generation. Health and wellbeing is on top of their agenda and this is shaping the wellbeing landscape and presenting opportunities for businesses who can offer genuinely good & innovative products or services, be it in fitness, food, drink or service. For gluten-free in particular improved diagnosis of Coeliac disease means more people than ever before are now following a strict gluten-free diet. The last 5 years have also brought with them an incredible rise in gluten-free awareness and also competition, meaning that quality and taste of gluten-free products has become better and better which has enticed “lifestylers” into the category.

Many people perceive that a gluten-free diet is healthier and this is one of the key reasons for its popularity. There is no evidence that simply getting rid of gluten from the diet will result in weight loss. However, eating gluten-free often may cause you to eat more whole, unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and lean meats. These diet changes are often healthier and lower in calories. People eating gluten-free or aiming to eat cleaner foods also tend to make healthier food choices because they are more aware of the need to read food labels and choose products with no sugar, artificial additives, preservatives etc.

What makes you different from other gluten-free brands on the market? 


Our aim is to offer consumers tasty and better for you alternatives to everyday snacks and on-the-go products. Gluten free food has come a long way in the last 5 years and encouragingly, there are more and more artisan producers making wonderful gluten free products but we still have trouble finding items that we can grab in the morning and take with us to work as a snack, or gluten-free snacking products that taste good enough to treat friends and family to at get togethers without breaking the bank. This is the gap in the market we are aiming to fill.

Our defining USP is that our products taste delicious, are gluten free and have at least one further secondary health benefit! As an example, our crunchy Tortilla Chips are certified gluten-free which is extremely important to anyone with Coeliac Disease (we produce in a dedicated gluten-free facility so there is no risk of cross contamination) and they also contain 40% less fat. We only use all natural, real ingredients and the Well and Truly guarantee is that our range will never contain trans-fats, artificial additives or preservatives, GMO or MSG – basically, no nasties of any kind.

What are you favourite simple food swaps? 

Here are six of our favourite swaps…

  • Jump on the courgetti bandwagon and get spiralizing your veg. Swap your standard white pasta for vegetable noodles to add fibre and nutrients to your meal as well as avoiding a post-dinner carb coma.
  • Up the plant protein. Although there are nutrition benefits to including a little red meat in our diet, most of us eat too much of it so next time you decide to make a chilli con carne or spaghetti Bolognese swap the mince for a mixture of green lentils and aduki beans for a change and enjoy a meal that is full of fibre and easier on your digestion.


  • Swap your milk for non-dairy milk sometimes. You don’t have to be lactose intolerant to enjoy the benefits of non-dairy milk. Unless you are a hardcore Paleo fan, dairy is not the devil, however dairy products do have an inflammatory effect on our bodies when consumed in excess on a regular basis so a simple swap you can implement is choosing a nut milk to go with your coffee or breakfast.
  • Swap your olive oil for coconut oil when roasting or frying and save the cold-pressed oils for dressings and drizzling on dishes. High heat can damage the wonderful properties of the cold-pressed plant oils so to retain all the nutrients they are best enjoyed served at room temperature. Coconut oil on the other hand is pretty hardy and retains it fat burning and anti-microbial properties even when used at high temperatures.
  • Swap one of your caffeinated drinks for a decaf alternative. You may feel very attached to your morning coffee or your afternoon brew, but caffeine, especially when consumed in high quantities can affect our natural sleep cycles, it causes the stress hormone cortisol to be released and exacerbate anxiety and nerves. There are so many herbal tea varieties available now, so start experimenting, find one that you enjoy and start including it in your day.
  • Swap your snacks for healthier versions. Our Well andTruly 40% less fat Tortilla Chips are 100% natural and certified gluten free. We love ours with homemade guacamole or hummus.

What does health mean to you?


At Well and Truly we are all about balance, moderation and adopting a healthy lifestyle that is achievable and that you will be able to go the distance with. It’s about simple swaps; taking the stairs instead of the escalator or swapping fries for some greens. You don’t have to do everything but doing something, no matter how small, can have long lasting health benefits. We fundamentally believe that being “healthy” does not mean having to compromise on taste & fun.

Who are your healthy heroes? 

We are lucky to be based in London where we are surrounded by many young healthy food and drink entrepreneurs who we can be inspired by, learn from and bounce ideas off. Any brand or person who makes it easy to incorporate a healthy change in our lifestyle is a healthy hero to us!

What are the Well and Truly plans for 2016?

We have some really exciting product launches planned over the summer and will be out and about delivering and sampling in our little red electric Piaggio. So watch this space!

Do you think sugar-free is a craze or here to stay? 


Reducing the amount of sugar we consume is here to stay. The nation’s sugar intake remains above existing recommendations. The National Diet and Nutrition Survey published in May 2014 reported on food consumption and nutrient intakes for the UK. The findings confirmed that the UK population as a whole is consuming too much saturated fat and salt, and not enough fruit and vegetables, oily fish and fibre. It also found that sugar intakes in all age groups are in excess of current UK recommendations. People’s health would benefit if average sugar intakes in England were reduced. Sugar increases the risk of consuming too many calories, which, if sustained, causes weight gain and obesity. Well and Truly are committed to supporting PHE (Public Health England) with their campaign to improve the nation’s health by helping consumers choose products that contain less sugar. We hope our products will enable consumers to make food swaps that are “like-for-like” with no cost or taste barriers.

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