The Mambo Brothers are the duo behind the iconic Cafe Mambo in Ibiza; the original sunset bar which has spawned a compilation album series, global events brand and plays host to the world’s biggest artists. But it doesn’t stop there – they’re successful DJs themselves and have just landed a residency at Ibiza’s newest super club Hï. We sat down with the chaps to discuss everything from sunsets to DJ stints:

First of all guys, you are part of the team behind Cafe Mambo Ibiza. When you think of this iconic venue, what three words first come to your minds and why? 

Sunsets, Daiquiri and good times! I know that’s four words but it’s hard to condense all that magic into just three; the sunsets are very special, our Daiquiris are the best drink to cool down with, and our motto is always to have ‘good times’.

Tell us about some of your favourite Cafe Mambo memories and why they resonate with you so much…

It has to be the first ever Mambo in the mix event we did. It’s a charity event we do where some of the biggest DJs come down to serve the drinks and food while members of the public can give donations to get to DJ at Mambo. It’s a complete turn around of roles, and pretty beautiful to see so many people getting together to help. We remember feeling a little nervous, not knowing if all the DJs we were expecting would turn up. But then Carl Cox arrived first and started pouring drinks followed by Armin Van Buurren so it was a new kind of back to back behind the bar! It was the start of a really fun idea that came together really well with so many great DJs turning up.

What are you enjoying the most about this season at the Café and why?

The sunset. As always they are awesome! Also the late night sessions when it’s a bit quieter so you can enjoy a drink, sit around and catch up with people.

2017 sees you pair up with Eden Ibiza’s biggest summer addition, Defected, every Sunday for pre-parties ahead of their big event. How important do you think the Cafe Mambo-Defected relationship and plans are for the nightlife of San Antonio? How do you think it will impact upon the scene as a whole?

Very positive for sure. Defected is a brand that really knows their stuff inside out. And musically it fits perfectly with Mambo.

You will also host your brand new residency with Hï Sundays this year at the island’s newest clubbing institution. What are you most looking forward to about this residency and what kind of an impact do you think the club will have on the island’s nightlife?

We are really looking forward for it and we’re ready for more late nights than ever! It’s just great to be involved from the beginning in Ibiza’s biggest project this year (and probably for some time). We have some great guests coming to join us like Felix Da Housecat, Idris Elba, Tensnake, Doorly, Danny Howard, Jonas Blue, The Magician and plenty more.

Your residency will take care of dance floor operations in The Club, the more underground-focused room that Hï Ibiza has to offer. What can we expect from your first major island residency this summer? Do you have any special surprises lined up your sleeves?

Si Claro! Many surprises that we will be hinting at this week on our social media channels. So be sure to follow us to keep up with those all important announcements about what’s going to be happening every Sunday at HÏ. It’s going to be some serious party, that’s for sure!

This residency will also mean that you are both the first Ibiza-born DJs to land a residency at one of Ibiza’s big super-clubs. What does this mean to you personally and how do you think this will inspire/influence other home grown Ibiza musical talent?

For us it’s massive! We hope this makes a positive impact on the way Ibiza is running at the moment. We really think Ibiza deserves giving bigger platforms to some of it’s long serving and up coming DJ’s. We have some amazing local talent here and over the years we’ve danced our heads off to the like of 2Vilas, Manu Gonzales, Angel Linde. These guys know the Ibiza dance floors better than anyone!

Finally, you have some new productions scheduled for release later this summer, can you tell us more about the stories behind these tracks and their creation?

Yes we have a good few tracks that we’ve been playing out and have some strong DJ support already. We love making good house music with a Balearic feel to it. We kept ourselves busy in the winter working on these tracks in the studios above Café Mambo and they’re now hitting the dance floors here this summer. We can’t wait to get them fully released, some really exciting stuff coming up so watch this space.